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Shanghai braces for typhoon Ampil

Tropical storm Ampil is expected to land in Shanghai around noon Sunday.
Source: | 2018/7/22 14:37:32

Senegalese cheer Chinese President Xi Jinping during his state visit

People sing and dance near the residence of the Senegalese President to welcome visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping on July 21.
Source: | 2018/7/22 10:38:54

A water-skiing squirrel gives a farewell performance in Minneapolis, USA

Twiggy, a water-skiing squirrel, performs for crowds on Thursday, outside the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. Twiggy is on a farewell tour due to the retirement of its owner, Lou ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/7/20 15:21:58

An osprey shakes off water mid-air in British Columbia, Canada

An osprey flings off excess water mid-air as it twists, turns and flies upside down after diving into a lake to collect a stick to build a nest for mating ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/7/20 11:41:17

Chinese cloisonné exhibit opens in Beijing

Pictured are various Cloisonné exhibits on display at the NICE(Network Centre of the International Cultural Exchange)Gallery in Beijing. The exhibition will last until August 12. Photo: Li Hao/GT
Source: | 2018/7/19 20:49:51

Flamingos rest in a lake near Walvis Bay in Namibia

Chinese photographer Zhu Jianqiang captured flamingos eating, flying and resting in a lake near Walvis Bay in Namibia when he traveled there for a visit in June 2018. (Photos: Courtesy ...
Source: | 2018/7/19 18:23:28

Sichuan cultural relics exhibition unveiled in Beijing

An exhibition showcasing the relics of ancient cultures in Southwest China's Sichuan Province was unveiled at National Museum in Beijing on Thursday. The relics come from 9 museums across Sichuan ...
Source: | 2018/7/19 16:04:08

Thai Ambassador thanks Chinese teams in cave rescue with reception

Thai Ambassador to China Piriya Khempon hosted a reception at the Ambassador's Residence in Beijing to thank the members of the two Chinese rescue teams for their efforts in the ...
Source: | 2018/7/18 21:27:48

Take a closer look at the mysterious Himba people in northern Namibia

Chinese photographer Zhu Jianqiang captured some photos of the mysterious Himba people from Namibia as he traveled there for a visit in June 2018. (Photos: Courtesy of Zhu Jianqiang)
Source: | 2018/7/18 19:15:38

Italian police officers begin 2nd joint patrol in China

Italian police joined local officers in joint patrols of Beijing's Temple of Heaven on July 17. A total of eight Italian officers will join police in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and ...
Source: | 2018/7/17 17:04:04

Annual 'Swan Upping' takes place along London's River Thames

The annual Swan Upping, an examination of the Queen's cygnets and swans, began along London's River Thames on Monday. Dating back to the 12th century, the swan census includes weighing ...
Source: | 2018/7/17 13:59:32

Police patrol in Helsinki ahead of Trump-Putin meeting

Police patrol streets in Helsinki ahead of the Trump-Putin meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon.
Source: - VCG | 2018/7/15 17:04:42

Photographer braves nesting terns to capture amazing shot

A photo taken on June 23 shows a tern swooping toward wildlife photographer Roger Coan to protect its chicks, as he was taking photos on the Farne Islands, off the ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/7/13 11:53:18

Explore the only official producer of national flags in India

A photo taken on May 9, 2018, shows employees stitching together Indian national flags at the Indian National Flag Production Center in Bengeri, the southern state of Karnataka. Tulasigeri Village ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/7/12 18:16:05

Maritime milestones mark the 2018 China National Maritime Day

China National Maritime Day is observed on July 11 every year since 2005. That year marked the 600th anniversary of the ocean voyages of Zheng He, a famous navigator during ...
Source: | 2018/7/12 18:10:27

Shanghai has windy weather as Typhoon Maria hits coastal areas

Affected by Typhoon Maria's landfall in East China's Fujian Province, Shanghai is hit by windy weather on July 11. Trains going between Shanghai and East China's coastal areas have been ...
Source: | 2018/7/11 16:10:44

Buddhist ceremony held to memorialize victims of the Thai shipwreck that killed 45

The Phuket government held a Buddhist ceremony for the victims of the Thai shipwreck at Chalong Pier on Wednesday morning. Forty-five people were confirmed dead in the accident, with two ...
Source: | 2018/7/11 15:23:58

People celebrate the Mango Festival in New Delhi, India

Two girls take a photo during the Mango Festival at Dilli Haat in Janakpuri on July 7, 2018, in New Delhi, India. The three-day festival is being organized from July ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/7/10 18:45:25