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Multi-colored salt lake on a summer day in North China's Shanxi

The Yuncheng Salt Lake, due to its high salinity, is also called the "Dead Sea" of China. Here are some aerial photos of the colorful salt lake on a summer’s ...
Source: | 2017/7/12 17:06:21

Let it snow in New Zealand!

Snow covers the South Island of New Zealand as a polar blast moves across the country on July 12, 2017.
Source: | 2017/7/12 16:49:25

Crane operator builds robot family from 1,750 parts in 18 months in Ukraine

A crane operator, Dmitry Balandin, built a robot family from 1,750 parts in 18 months without using blueprints. Balandin would love to build metal models but it is not ...
Source: | 2017/7/11 17:32:00

Photographer creates cooling watermelon photos on hot summer day in China’s Guangzhou

A photographer has created some photos of people “wearing” watermelon dresses on a hot summer day in Baiyun District in China’s Guangzhou as a heat wave hits large parts of ...
Source: | 2017/7/11 17:16:20

Tourists at Beijing Tiananmen Square use various tactics to prevent sunstroke

Beijing Meteorological Bureau issued a yellow alert on July 9 as temperatures soared. In most areas of the city, temperatures will top 35 C for three consecutive days from July ...
Source: | 2017/7/10 20:21:56

Anhui holds lotus-themed cheongsam show

A lotus-themed cheongsam show was held in an agricultural exhibition arboretum in Bengbu, East China’s Anhui Province on July 8, 2017. A captivating interplay of the ancient cheongsams and various ...
Source: | 2017/7/10 17:27:23

Rainbow railway created from abandoned line draws tourists in S China’s Guangdong

Abandoned railway turns rainbow railway and draws tourists to Railway Park in Dongguan City, South China’s Guangdong Province on July 9, 2017.
Source: | 2017/7/10 17:16:28

Young women in India join self-defense training to protect themselves

More young Indian girls joined self-defense training as the crime against women rose in the country.
Source: | 2017/7/10 16:30:41

Sunflowers in full bloom at Olympic Forest Park in Beijing

Tourists enjoy the blooming sunflowers in Olympic Forest Park in Beijing, capital of China on July 9, 2017.
Source: | 2017/7/10 15:56:10

Cooling summer at the Three Gorges

Photos taken on July 9 show the natural sceneries of the Three Gorges grand waterfalls in Yichang, Central China’s Hubei Province.
Source: | 2017/7/10 15:38:16

US-born panda Tai Shan celebrates 12th birthday in SW China’s Sichuan

Born on July 9, 2005 in Washington, US, giant panda Tai Shan smells the birthday cake keepers prepared for him in Dujiangyan Base of China Conservation and Research Center for ...
Source: | 2017/7/9 15:26:07

North Koreans celebrate the successful test-launch of ballistic missile

Army officers and people gather in Pyongyang’s Kim Il-sung Square on July 6, 2017 to celebrate the successful test-launch of intercontinental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 in this photo released by North ...
Source: | 2017/7/7 11:27:02

Incredible kisses in pictures for International Kissing Day

International Kissing Day is observed on July 6. Kissing is a way to express romantic affection. Let’s look at these incredible kisses in pictures.
Source: | 2017/7/6 17:40:21

Chill out with these ice cool photos

Cool off from the summer heat with these refreshing pictures. Photos: CFP
Source: | 2017/7/5 18:57:13

Post-90s couple inherit clay sculpture techniques after graduation

A post-90s couple, who graduated from the China Academy of Art two years ago, returned home to Huzhou, East China’s Zhejiang Province and opened a clay sculpture workshop.
Source: | 2017/7/3 16:37:39

Amazing jet skiing display dazzles crowds in Henan scenic spot

Jet skiing made its debut in Daquan Lake, Qingtianhe scenic area in Jiaozuo, Central China’s Henan Province on July 1, 2017. The display dazzled onlookers as the skier glided through ...
Source: | 2017/7/2 17:57:49

Tourists admire chili-shaped apricots in Xinjiang competition

With a theme of “Luckily you came,” the sixth apricot competition was held in an orchard in Kuqa County, Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on June 28, 2017. Farmers ...
Source: | 2017/6/29 18:12:36

Young people reveal what they think about Hong Kong

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China. Local residents give their views on the city.
Source: | 2017/6/29 9:46:00