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Indonesian fighter Stefer Rahardian wins title shot at One Championship

MMA fighter Stefer Rahardian punched his way to an eighth consecutive win on January 20, 2018 with a three-round victory over contender Muhammad Imran of Pakistan, earning the undefeated Indonesian ...
Source: | 2018/1/21 16:39:11

Meet the ring girls of the One Championship in Jakarta

Ring girls take the spotlight during the One Championship at the Jakarta Covention Center in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 20 and 21. Photos: Cui Meng/GT
Source: | 2018/1/21 15:19:48

Russian wrestler Yusup Saadulaev beats Japan's Masakazu Imanari at One Championship

Russian wrestler Yusup Saadulaev defeated Japanese martial artist Masakazu Imanari after three rounds during bantamweight competition at the One Championship in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 21. Photos: Cui Meng/GT
Source: | 2018/1/21 14:29:16

MMA fighter Xiong Jingnan becomes first Chinese to win ONE Championship title

Chinese MMA fighter Xiong Jingnan defeated Singaporean Tiffany Teo to win ONE Championship women's strawweight title at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia on January 20, 2018. Xiong's victory makes her ...
Source: | 2018/1/21 14:04:10

Chinese MMA fighter Xiong Jingnan to contend for ONE Championship title

Chinese MMA fighter Xiong Jingnan is to take on undefeated Singaporean Tiffany Teo for the ONE Championship's first women's strawweight title at the Jakarta Convention Center, Indonesia on January 20, ...
Source: | 2018/1/18 21:08:21

Creative oil drum sculptures adorn Xi'an Art District

Sculptures made from oil drums line a courtyard in the Textile City Art District of Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province. The brightly-painted creations of lively figures singing and playing instruments ...
Source: | 2018/1/18 14:45:10

Airplanes form a heart in the sky during Kuwait aviation show

Heart-shaped smoke is seen in the sky during the Kuwait aviation show on Jan 17, 2018.
Source: | 2018/1/18 13:24:50

Pygoscelis antarcticas out of the dangerous period in NE China's Dalian

Northeast China's first two chinstrap penguins bred in captivity are doing well and learning to live on their own. The pair hatched in November at Sunasia Ocean World in Dalian, ...
Source: | 2018/1/18 11:29:46

Twisty mountain highway makes a picturesque drive through SW China's Guizhou Province

Aerial photos show some of the 72 hairpin turns that mark a stretch of National Highway 210 through Zunyi, Southwest China's Guizhou Province. Photos: VCG
Source: | 2018/1/17 17:24:00

Hair-raising views from one of China's windiest roads

Cutting through the mountains of Yellow River Stone Forest National Geological park in Baiyin, Northwest China's Gansu Province, the road's 22 switchback curves edge along vertical drops of up to ...
Source: | 2018/1/17 14:57:17

Lone Asiatic jackal on the hunt

Dramatic photos show a wild Asiatic jackal hunting down magpies in snowy Shumen, Bulgaria. Photos: VCG
Source: | 2018/1/17 14:25:14

Chinese boxer Saitibatihali Jumatai bows out of IBF China Professional Boxing Tournament

Chinese boxer Saitibatihali Jumatai (in red) dropped out of the IBF China Professional Boxing Tournament due to injury from opponent Gao Shuxin on Saturday in Xuzhou, China's Jiangsu Province. Photos: ...
Source: | 2018/1/17 13:20:11

Chinese boxer Sun Xiangxiang fights his way to IBF Silk Road Champions Tournament finals

Chinese boxer Sun Xiangxiang beat Nelson Tinampay of the Philippines by TKO at 1:42 min in the 8th round and entered the lightweight IBF Silk road champions tournament finals Saturday ...
Source: | 2018/1/17 13:17:34

India celebrates 70th Army Day

A grand Indian military parade was held in New Delhi, India, to celebrate the 70th Army Day on January 15, 2018.
Source: - VCG | 2018/1/16 17:33:30

Skyscrapers shrouded in advection fog in Shanghai

Photo taken from Shanghai World Financial Center shows the 420.5-meter-tall Jinmao Tower and the 468-meter-tall Oriental Pearl TV Tower are shrouded in advection fog on January 16 in East ...
Source: | 2018/1/16 14:54:33

Ice skating at Beijing's Summer Palace

Ice skating season on Summer Palace's Kunming Lake opened to the public Friday. Activities include skating and an ice slide on the 700,000-square meter lake area.
Source: | 2018/1/16 14:37:09

Hindu devotees celebrate Makar Sankranti festival in India

Hindu devotees gather to take a dip, or bath at the confluence of the River Ganges and the Bay of Bengal during the Gangasagar Mela for the Makar Sankranti festival ...
Source: - VCG | 2018/1/15 19:25:13

1st panda cub born in France 'Yuan Meng' debuts with public

Photo taken on Jan. 13, 2018 shows the panda baby "Yuan Meng" in Zooparc de Beauval, Saint-Aigan, France. The first panda cub born in France "Yuan Meng" debuts with the ...
Source: Xinhua | 2018/1/13 20:47:43