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Twin black bear cubs make their debut at Yantai Zoo in China’s Shandong

A pair of Asian black bear cubs made their debut at Yantai Zoo in China’s Shandong on April 26, 2017.
Source: | 2017/4/27 18:07:08

At nearly 100 kilograms, this Blue Great Dane Balthazar could be Britain's heaviest dog

Balthazar, a Blue Great Dane, measures a whopping 2.1 meters from nose to tail. Owners Vinnie, 46, and Dixie Monte-Irvine, 39, were shocked when they took Balthazar to the vets ...
Source: | 2017/4/26 16:42:37

Black swan family enjoys a group swim at Jiangsu zoo

A family of black swans enjoys a swim together at a zoo in Zhenjiang, East China's Jiangsu Province on April 21, 2017.
Source: | 2017/4/26 16:35:29

‘Mermaids’ spotted off Maldives coast

A golden-haired mermaid swims in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Maldives on March 24, 2017.
Source: | 2017/4/26 16:23:51

Afghan soldiers join fight against Daesh terrorists in Afghanistan

Afghan soldiers join fight against Daesh terrorists in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan, on April 24, 2017. Thirty Daesh terrorists were killed by Afghan soldiers during an operation.
Source: | 2017/4/26 15:56:57

Crowds witness launch of China’s first homemade aircraft carrier

Naval enthusiasts gather at Dalian Port to witness the launching ceremony of China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier Type 001A on April 26.
Source: | 2017/4/26 13:32:18

China’s first domestically built aircraft carrier launches in Dalian, Liaoning

China launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier Type 001A on Wednesday from Dalian Port, Northeast China’s Liaoning Province.
Source: | 2017/4/26 12:14:50

China’s top 10 wetlands

Wetlands, known as the "kidneys of the earth", are a common sight across our vast planet. They are home to bountiful plant and animal life, and are considered the most ...
Source: | 2017/4/25 19:35:06

Splash dancers make waves at the Synchronized Swimming World Series in China’s Taiyuan

Swimmers from all over the world show off their skills at the synchronized Swimming World Series held by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) in China’s Taiyuan on April 24, 2017.
Source: | 2017/4/25 18:02:47

Geological wonders of Yelang Cave in Southwest China's Guizhou

Yelang Cave, located in Anshun, Southwest China's Guizhou Province. Guizhou is famous for its karst landscapes.
Source: | 2017/4/25 17:51:11

Chinese photographers score ‘sport,’ ‘architecture’ wins at 2017 Sony World Photography Awards

Photographers Yuan Peng and Dong Ni were declared winner of the “sport” and “architecture” categories respectively at the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards Professional Competition on April 20, 2017. Chinese ...
Source: | 2017/4/24 19:55:09

Beautiful fall scenes of New Zealand’s Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, one of the most beautiful scenic spots in New Zealand, is located in the heart of the Mackenzie country of the country's South Island. It sits between Christchurch ...
Source: | 2017/4/24 16:42:35

Young women donning Tujia dress pick Oolong tea in Chongqing

Young women of the Tujia ethnic minority group clothed in their traditional Tujia dress pick Oolong tea at a tea plantation in Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous county in Southwest ...
Source: | 2017/4/24 15:52:52

Hobby Expo China 2017 kicks off in Beijing Exhibition Center

Hobby Expo China 2017, covering a total area of more than 20,000 square meters, kicks off in Beijing on April 22. The exhibition this year includes an aerial exhibition, a ...
Source: | 2017/4/23 11:30:00

Digital modeling brings China’s Old Summer Palace back to life

A Chinese research group announced on April 18 it had used computer imaging software to digitally map 60 percent of the original appearance of Beijing’s renowned Old Summer Palace, Yuanmingyuan.
Source: | 2017/4/21 17:29:35

Cormorant fishing show marks cherry blossom festival

Tourists enjoy a unique cormorant fishing show during a cherry blossom festival at Dayangwan Wetland Park in Yancheng, East China’s Jiangsu Province on April 20, 2017.
Source: | 2017/4/21 17:11:23

Chinese special police take action snaps to mark International Workers’ Day

A group of Chinese special police from Beijing’s Changping detachment pose for photos to mark International Workers’ Day in Changping district, Beijing on April 12, 2017.
Source: | 2017/4/21 16:53:09

Lava flows from top of Mt Etna as volcanic activity continues

Lava flows from the southeast crater of Mt Etna on April 20 in Catania, Italy.
Source: | 2017/4/20 16:47:26