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Britain-China partnership has potential to become model for major-country relations

The current "golden" relationship between Britain and China has the potential to become a model for handling relations between major countries in the world, British experts have said.
Soure:Xinhua: 2015/10/30 14:48:12

Western elite poorly convey China's values

Xi has always had a gift for relating to the men and women on the street and they have repaid him with affection and adulation.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/26 16:08:01

London debt issue represents milestone for China

According to the People's Bank of China (PBC), the central bank, China issued 5 billion yuan ($788 million) worth of one-year bills in London on Tuesday, the first time that China has issued yuan-denominated bills outside the country. As reported by the Financial Times, China's Ministry of Finance is likely to offer yuan-denominated debt with longer terms. This shows that economic cooperation between China and the UK has been elevated to a new level.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/23 9:53:30

UK support for yuan's SDR inclusion could help China in curbing capital outflows

Following a joint declaration by China and the UK on Thursday voicing support for the yuan's inclusion in the IMF's reserve currency basket, the Chinese currency has certainly moved closer to membership of the elite money club, which could be of particular importance amid continued capital outflows from China.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/23 9:26:39

UK, China explore new complementarities

Cementing multi-faceted ties with China and taking a free ride on its unprecedented development has found a wide consensus among British public opinion. Regaining its great power clout by strengthening ties with Beijing is a smart move by London. At the same time, the UK can serve as a lynchpin in China's foreign policy.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/23 9:11:58

Xi trip success narrows divide with West

The UK seems to have distanced itself from the Western group that may threaten China and explicitly wants to befriend us.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/23 9:06:41

Cartoon commentary on President Xi's UK visit 2: High-level welcome ceremonies show Sino-British relations' importance

A ceremonial welcome held by British Queen Elizabeth II for Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan was held on October 20, On the beautiful day, there were 103 rounds of gun-fire salutes.
Soure:CCTV.com: 2015/10/22 14:41:14

UK sets example for US with more open attitude toward cooperation with China

The second day of Chinese president Xi Jinping's state visit to the UK continued to focus on economic issues. From the economic perspective, many in China view Xi's visit to the UK as another chance to increase the business opportunities brought by China's rise while easing suspicions over China's high-tech investment. There were hopes that Xi's visit to the US last month might also help with this, but China received somewhat less positive feedback from the US authorities in this regard.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/22 8:15:08

5G telecom services set to span, transform world

The recently announced 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC) at the University of Surrey, in which Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei is a major partner, hopes that fifth-generation (5G) global telecoms standards will be achieved through global collaboration so that people across the world can benefit from a single standard, which will be commercialized from 2020.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/22 8:14:17

Sino-EU ties help build multipolar world

Sino-European friendship also helps the world to become more multipolar. It has already been over 10 years since the EU-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership was forged in 2003. Both sides share a lot in common. Europe is indispensable for the development of China, and vice versa.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/22 7:40:59

Deals with UK can encourage EU to open up industries for more Chinese investment

Chinese president Xi Jinping addressed the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday afternoon. The focus, as expected, was on economic ties. The Financial Times reported Tuesday that China's central bank has attracted more than 30 billion yuan ($4.7 billion) in orders for its first debt sale in London's markets, coming alongside bilateral investment deals worth an estimated 30 billion pounds ($46 billion) that are expected to be agreed during Xi's visit.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/21 9:06:33

UK risks falling behind in engineering capabilities

Amongst the hand shaking and trade deals of this week's state visit of President Xi Jinping to the UK, a transformation is underway. It's not happening in London but in an inconspicuous part of the British channel near Bristol. Chinese engineers will shortly be arriving to save Britain from its looming energy crisis by building the UK's next generation of nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point. The 2 billion pound ($3.1 billion) deal is China's first such agreement in a Western nation.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/21 9:04:36

Britain, China usher bilateral ties into new era

Beijing and London are ushering their bilateral relationship to a new era, and Chinese President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the UK this week will definitely help boost it.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/21 9:02:55

Charles chatter won't affect Sino-UK ties

The influence of the significant China-UK “golden era” cannot be jeopardized.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/21 8:42:12

Xi visit may bring boost for Chinese studies

What we could ensure is that in “a golden time for China-UK ties” the popularity of Chinese studies will embrace a golden opportunity for advancement and play an important role in deepening the China-UK partnership and the friendship between two peoples.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/20 15:13:01

UK can be 'bridgehead' to US, EU for China

Following his visit to the US, Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state Visit to the UK. As the time lag between these two visits is just one month, we can not help thinking about the status of the UK among different forces in the world today. I believe the UK can be a pragmatic bridgehead to the US and EU for China, if China knows how to manage these complex relationships.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/20 8:25:50

Chinese community feels change brought by warmer Sino-British relations

Chinese companies and investments should come here in the UK to join the open market.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/20 8:19:24

UK shifts China policy for national interests

Although uncertainties still linger, and both countries have gone through ups and downs in the past, the “golden time” still should be anticipated to last for at least for five years before the next British election. We hope the wisdom and pragmatism of both Chinese and British leadership will move the bilateral ties further toward an established norm.
Soure:Global Times: 2015/10/20 8:18:25