Nepal rocked by 8.1-M earthquake

Death toll of Nepal's April 25 earthquake has risen to 7,365 with the number of injured standing at 14,366, figures from the Ministry of Home Affairs showed on May 4.
Source: | 2015/4/26 13:02:37

Germanwings crash: Timeline, figures and reactions

An Airbus A320 plane of the German low-cost airline Germanwings with 150 people on board crashed on March 24 in southern France, French authorities confirmed. No one is expected to have survived.
Source: | 2015/3/25 19:45:51

Lee Kuan Yew and China: A special relationship

China on Monday mourned the death of former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, calling him a statesman of unique influence in Asia.
Source: | 2015/3/23 11:57:05

Christmas at the top of the world: Catholics in Tibet

Here in Yanjing village in Mangkang county stands the only Catholic church in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Villagers are free to choose whatever faith they want. There are some cases of Catholics and Tibetan Buddhists living in the same family without any problems.
Source: | 2015/1/26 18:49:05

Waste not: The dirty dangers facing China's trash recyclers

Flies cover the face of a worker's child on the back of a worker sorting plastic waste in a northern Chinese village. The processing of imported waste and scrap metal has been a significant industry in China's rural towns for many years. Besides developing local economy, this industry also brings about fatal environmental pollution and threatens the local people's health. Photos: Wang Jiuliang
Source: about human | 2015/1/21 19:23:06

NPC and CPPCC Sessions 2015

As the early March annual sessions of the NPC and the CPPCC approach, observers say China is at the crossroads of another wave of reforms, a response to changing problems.
Source: | 2015/3/2 18:34:07

Nine biggest water pollution disasters in China (since 2010)

Excessive levels of benzene, a carcinogenic chemical, almost 20 times the national limit in tap water have affected more than 2.4 million people in downtown Lanzhou, Northwest China's Gansu Province, provincial authorities said.
Source: | 2014/4/15 19:36:04

Impact of anti-corruption campaign

Since the 18th CPC National Congress was held on November 8, 2012, the central government has launched numerous anti-corruption campaigns across China. As a result, many of the "tigers" and "flies" referred to by President Xi Jinping during his speech have since been outed and sacked.
Source: | 2014/6/18 11:23:35

WEF annual meeting 2015

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is set to leave for Switzerland Tuesday to attend the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, where he is expected to provide reassurance about China's economic growth and initiatives
Source: | 2015/1/20 18:31:55

Black and white and bred all over: Panda diplomats

Currently 44 guest pandas, including their foreign-born cubs, live in 18 zoos in 13 countries who have established research cooperation with China. Among these, 42 belong to China. A pair in Mexico descended from those donated in the 1980s, according to the Xinhua News Agency.
Source: | 2014/6/24 11:47:33

Personal touch 2014

The vibrant blogosphere, social media and innovations like crowd sourcing have transformed news coverage. The trend is increasingly clear in 2014. Feeling the challenges of the so-called citizen journalism, we are reassured by the fact that the public is still hungry for quality coverage from professional reporters. The need is even more desperate in the past year when the world has seen such upheavals that the end can't come soon enough.
Source: | 2014/12/29 22:08:49

Righting wrongful convictions in China

China has redressed a series of wrongful conviction cases in recent years, some of which involved miscarriages of the death penalty.
Source: | 2014/12/29 17:07:01

Thousands participate in HK's anti-Occupy Central rally

Tens of thousands of people on August 17 turned out in Hong Kong to protest against the upcoming Occupy Central movement that threatens to shut down the city's business hub amid debates over ways to select candidates for the 2017 chief executive election.
Source: | 2014/8/18 17:54:29

Authorities condemn HK 'referendum' as 'invalid and illegal'

Authorities condemned as "invalid and illegal" an unofficial "referendum" on electoral reform in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR). The referendum, organized by the Occupy Central movement and run by the Public Opinion Program under the University of Hong Kong (HKU), kicked off its online voting on June 20 and will conclude on June 29.
Source: | 2014/6/23 18:28:37

Xi Jinping: 2014 year in review

Over the past year, China made significant progress in foreign diplomacy and domestic affairs. Global Times reflects on China's strides by tracing the footprints of President Xi Jinping in 2014.
Source: | 2014/12/24 18:24:51

Yakusuni visits remain enshrined in controversy

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Monday made an offering to the notorious war-linked Yasukuni Shrine on Monday when its three-day spring festival.
Source: | 2014/4/22 19:06:01

In bad taste: Foreign brands face new food scandals

Food safety concerns in China spiked once again after a recent expose by Shanghai Television Station revealed the Chinese arm of US-based food supplier was selling substandard meat mixed with processed products to fast-food chains, such as McDonald's and KFC. looks back on recent major food safety scandals involving foreign companies.
Source: | 2014/7/27 21:29:31

Beijing's proposed subway price hike explained

A public hearing will be held October 28 in Beijing to discuss the city's plans to raise its public transportation fees.
Source: | 2014/10/15 20:41:37