As the year of 2012 ends, we list the greatest hits of 2012 which cover top 10 most viewed artices, top 10 most commented articles, top 10 most viewed op-ed articles and so on.
Source: | 2012/12/30 23:01:48

Thailand's political deadlock

Thai military junta on May 25 warned the public against rallying and using social media to incite unrest.
Source: | 2014/5/25 19:40:24

China, Russia ink gas deal after decade-long negotiation

China and Russia inked a mega natural gas supply deal on May 21 in Shanghai after a decade-long negotiation, with reports estimating that it is worth $400 billion.
Source: | 2014/5/22 19:53:00

The largest-ever CICA summit kicks off in Shanghai

China and Russia expressed "grave concern" over the political crisis in Ukraine in a joint statement signed in Shanghai on May 20.
Source: | 2014/5/20 19:52:15

Putin's China visit seeks to bolster ties

The naval forces of China and Russia will conduct the joint military exercise code-named "Maritime Cooperation 2014" in the sea and air areas in the north of East China Sea which are to the east of the Yangtze River estuary in China from May 20 to 26, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will jointly attend the opening ceremony for the naval exercise.
Source: | 2014/5/19 20:02:52

As tensions rise, China evacuates 3,000 nationals from Vietnam

More than 3,000 Chinese nationals have been evacuated from Vietnam as of Saturday afternoon after the recent deadly violence against foreign businesses and citizens, China's Foreign Ministry said early morning on May 18.
Source: | 2014/5/18 19:14:35

PLA general tours US carrier amid South China Sea tensions

Top Chinese General Fang Fenghui has toured an American aircraft carrier at the start of his US visit. Fang is the Chief of the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.
Source: | 2014/5/15 19:21:11

Migrant workers' wages increased 13.9 percent in 2013: report

This survey covers the rural regions of China's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Data included in the census was collected from a total 8,930 villages and 235,000 rural workers hailing from 1,527 counties and districts.
Source: | 2014/5/13 20:36:59

Chinese fishermen jailed in Philippines, catch worldwide attention

Nine out of the 11 Chinese fishermen arrested by local police last Tuesday near China's Half Moon Shoal in the South China Sea were formally charged by the Palawan Regional Trial Court in western Philippines on May 12.
Source: | 2014/5/12 19:37:29

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visits Africa

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang left Beijing on May 4, his trip to Africa will take him to Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola and Kenya. This is the first time Li will have set foot on the continent as Premier, and also his first foreign visit this year. Ahead of the trip, Li said in an interview with African press that relations between China and Africa have entered a "golden period". Both sides have benefited from their cooperation.
Source: | 2014/5/4 17:36:31

Boao Forum for Asia 2014

Political, business, and academic leaders are gathering in South China's Hainan province for this year's Boao Forum for Asia. Premier Li Keqiang will address the opening ceremony.
Source: | 2014/4/6 20:08:51

Ukraine crisis

The Crimean parliament declared independence from Ukraine on Monday, after official results showed 96.77 percent of Crimean voters chose to join Russia in Sunday's referendum.
Source: | 2014/3/18 18:35:43

Mystery surrounds missing Malaysia Airlines flight

An international team is intensifying and expanding its effort in the search of a missing plane, a Malaysian official said in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon of March 10, more than 60 hours after it lost contact with air traffic control on March 8.
Source: | 2014/3/10 20:14:20

Mixing food and politics: When leadership steps out to lunch

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang (front) selects snacks at a store in Haikou, south China's Hainan Province, April 11, 2014.
Source: | 2014/5/6 19:53:39

226 killed, hundreds missing after ferry capsizes off S.Korean coast

Search for some 290 people, mostly teenage schoolchildren, who are still missing after a ferry capsized off South Korea's southwest coast, continued into the second the day on April 17.
Source: | 2014/4/17 17:16:53

Mass protests grip Taiwan over cross-Straits trade pact

Thousands of protesters on March 30 took to the streets in Taipei in renewed protest against a cross-Straits service trade agreement, amid an ongoing student campaign that paralyzed Taiwan's legislative authority.
Source: | 2014/3/31 17:21:15

Top cops: Survey of the world's elite police forces

Special Forces, or Special Operations Forces, are military units strictly selected and intensely trained for the execution of special missions for a nation's political, economic or military purposes. With their flexible formation, these elite troops are generally led by the highest commanding military authorities and are usually well-equipped, possessing strong combat capabilities.
Source: | 2014/4/10 18:53:12

Chinese, Filipino abducted from Malaysian resort

A female Chinese tourist was kidnapped at a hotel in Sabah, east Malaysia on April 2, West China City Daily reported.
Source: | 2014/4/3 16:07:41