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US imposes tariffs on EU goods

The US imposed tariffs on a record $7.5 billion worth of European Union goods on Friday, earning a swift threat of retaliation by the EU.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/18 22:08:40

White House admits Trump tied Ukraine military aid to political request

A top White House official admitted Thursday that President Donald Trump had tied military aid for Ukraine to Kiev undertaking an investigation that would help Trump politically, adding ammunition to Democrats' impeachment probe.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/18 21:43:40

US astronauts carry out 1st all-female spacewalk

Two US astronauts carried out the first-ever all-female spacewalk for humankind as they ventured outside the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/10/18 20:56:50

US ambassador testifies Trump directed diplomats to work with his lawyer on Ukraine

US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland on Thursday testified to House committees over their impeachment inquiry, saying he and other US diplomats were "disappointed" by President Donald Trump's directive to work with his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on Ukraine matters.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/10/18 15:08:52

Trump defends Syria troops pullout

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday defended as "strategically brilliant" his decision to pull US troops out of Syria as the House of Representatives overwhelmingly condemned the move in a rare bipartisan rebuke.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/17 20:38:41

Gone bananas

Aerial view of the world's largest “patacon” – fried flattened pieces of green plantains – in Ipeti Embera, Chepo District, Panama, on Wednesday. The Embera indigenous community of Panama managed to cook the largest patacon in the world, setting a new Guinness World Record. Photo: VCG
Source: VCG | 2019/10/17 18:38:41

Asylum seekers cling to hope, safety in camp at US-Mexico border

Even after he was kidnapped and robbed outside the makeshift migrant camp where he had slept for two weeks, Luis Osorto decided his only chance for eventual asylum in the United States was to stay put along the border just inside Mexico.
Source: Reuters | 2019/10/17 17:58:40

Pelosi, Trump trade 'meltdown' barbs over meeting on Syria

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democratic leaders cut short a meeting with Republican President Donald Trump after he had a "meltdown" over a House of Representatives vote condemning his Syria withdrawal and showed no signs of having a plan to deal with a crisis there.
Source: CGTN | 2019/10/17 15:07:25

Trump threatens more sanctions on Turkey if high-level talks fail

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened that Ankara will face "devastating" sanctions if high-level discussions between the two sides do not "work it out."
Source: Xinhua | 2019/10/17 11:45:45

First all-female spacewalk to happen this week

After an infamous spacesuit flub earlier this year that resulted in accusations of sexism, NASA now plans to carry out the first all-female spacewalk this week, it said on Tuesday.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/16 20:08:39

Populist appeal

Bolivia's President and presidential candidate Evo Morales (left) dances during a campaign rally in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, on Tuesday, ahead of the October 20 general election.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/16 19:53:41

Study shows how brain manages pain

Pain perception is essential for survival, but how much something hurts can sometimes be amplified or suppressed: for example, soldiers who sustain an injury in battle often recall not feeling anything at the time.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/16 19:48:40

Warren weathers attacks at debate

Surging White House hopeful Elizabeth Warren faced a barrage of attacks from fellow Democrats at the party's fourth 2020 debate Tuesday, cementing her status as a front-runner in the race to challenge Donald Trump.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/16 19:33:40

NASA unveils new spacesuits for human lunar landing

The US space agency NASA unveiled on Tuesday the next-generation spacesuits to be used in its Artemis program that will send the first woman and next man to the Lunar South Pole by 2024.
Source: Xinhua | 2019/10/16 9:50:23

14 Mexican police killed in ambush

Gunmen killed 14 police officers Monday in an ambush in the state of Michoacan in western Mexico, authorities said, condemning the latest violence in the region, a hot spot for criminal groups and vigilantes.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/15 20:28:40

Officer charged with murder

A white policeman who shot dead a black Texas woman as she played video games at home with her young nephew has been charged with murder, police said on Monday.
Source: AFP | 2019/10/15 19:03:40

'Symbolic rent': Seattle residents pay reparations to Native American tribe

Every month, business coach Maggie Karshner makes three rent payments: one for her apartment, another for her office and the third to the Duwamish tribe.
Source: Reuters | 2019/10/15 18:48:40

Two Ecuador sides agree truce

Ecuador's president and indigenous leaders reached an agreement on Sunday to end nearly two weeks of violent protests against austerity measures adopted to obtain a multibillion dollar loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Source: AFP | 2019/10/14 20:53:41