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Japan ship virus cases climb to 174

Another 39 people aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan have tested positive for the new coronavirus, authorities said Wednesday, as thousands more steel themselves for a second week in quarantine.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/12 18:08:41

Severely disabled lawmakers in Japan tackle 'invisibility'

Japanese lawmaker Yasuhiko Funago has a neurological disease that means he cannot speak and communicates by blinking to his caretaker or operating a computer system with his mouth.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/12 16:53:40

Kuwait launches exhibition to support homegrown industrial projects

Kuwait launches exhibition to support homegrown industrial projects
Source: Xinhua | 2020/2/12 13:32:55

Thailand refuses entry to cruise ship with no coronavirus cases

Thailand has barred passengers from Holland America's cruise ship MS Westerdam from disembarking, its health minister said on Tuesday, the latest country to turn it away amid fears of the coronavirus despite no ­confirmed infections on board.
Source: Reuters | 2020/2/11 19:28:40

Philippines to scrub US military pact

The Philippines told the US on Tuesday it was quitting a pact key to their historical military alliance, triggering a six-month countdown to the deal's termination, Manila said.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/11 19:23:42

Thai army chief apologizes for soldier's mass shooting that killed 29

Thailand's army chief apologized on Tuesday for a rogue soldier, whose 19-hour shooting rampage killed 29 people and wounded 57 over the weekend, stunning the country.
Source: Reuters | 2020/2/11 17:43:41

Aussie fire threat may end with downpour

Torrential rain across Australia's east could extinguish all remaining bushfires in the country's most populous state by the end of the week, authorities said on Tuesday, raising hopes a deadly national crisis is almost over.
Source: Reuters | 2020/2/11 17:38:40

Damaging storms cause flash flooding, power outages, traffic chaos on Australia's east coast

Around 100,000 homes remain without power in Sydney on Monday, after the heaviest storm in 30 years lashed Australia's east coast.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/2/11 11:31:05

66 more test positive for novel coronavirus on cruise ship in Japan

Test results showed that 66 additional people on a cruise ship quarantined in Yokohama are infected with the novel coronavirus, the Japanese Health Ministry said Monday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/2/11 9:20:11

Australia, Indonesia move on trade deal

Australia and Indonesia announced a 100-day plan on Monday to implement a long-awaited trade deal, as the two countries hailed a "new beginning" for their sometimes troubled relationship.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/10 18:23:40

Myanmar stands with China: Ambassador

As a neighboring country to China, Myanmar has no plans to close its border amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP). There is no need for measures that "unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade" in order to halt the spread of the NCP, Myanmar Ambassador to China told the Global Times in an exclusive interview, echoing the advice of the World Health Organization.
Source: Global Times | 2020/2/10 18:18:40

66 new cases on quarantined ship

Sixty-six new infections of the coronavirus have been confirmed on board the Diamond Princess ship off the coast of Japan, the ship's operator, Princess Cruises, said in a statement, bringing the total number of infected to 136.
Source: Agencies | 2020/2/10 18:03:40

Philippines seeks end to ABS-CBN's franchises

The Philippine government on Monday asked the Supreme Court to cancel the franchises of the country's biggest media conglomerate, ABS-CBN Corp, on the grounds of “highly abusive practices.”
Source: Reuters | 2020/2/10 17:43:40

Mall shooting grips Thai city

In a fourth-floor toilet of the Terminal 21 mall, shoppers jammed cubicle doors against the entrance to keep out a Thai soldier on a shooting spree, tracing his movements through fragments of CCTV passed on by friends on the outside.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/10 17:38:40

Syrian families fleeing war desperate for shelter

Exhausted from days of driving in search of shelter in northwest Syria, 38-year-old Ghossoon has no idea where her family will go after fleeing regime and Russian bombardment.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/10 17:18:40

6 more NCP cases found on cruise ship; total now 70

Six more sight-seers were found to be infected with the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) on the Diamond Princess cruise ship on Sunday, bringing the total to 70, according to Japanese news agency ANN.
Source: Global Times - Agencies | 2020/2/9 20:03:40

Thai soldier kills 26 in rampage

A Thai soldier angry over a land deal went on a shooting spree that killed at least 26 people, most of them in a shopping mall in the northeast that he fled to in a stolen Humvee after shooting his commanding officer, officials said.
Source: Reuters-Global Times | 2020/2/9 19:53:41

Aussie formal welcome

Australia's Governor General David Hurley (right) and Indonesian President Joko Widodo (center) stand during a welcome ceremony at the Government House in Canberra on Sunday.
Source: AFP | 2020/2/9 19:18:41