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HK sets up anonymous national security hotline to fight crimes

The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) has set up a hotline for the public to provide information on national security issues through social media platforms, promising anonymity. Experts said this was a general approach in combating crimes and they called for its normalization.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/5 21:33:41

Hong Kong police sets up national security hotlines

The Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) have set up hotlines for the public to provide information on national security issues through social media platforms, and promised not to request or disclose any information to third parties through the hotline. “To facilitate the provision of information and reports on national security, the National Security Department of the HKPF is officially launching the 'National Security Department Reporting Hotline' today, which allows members of the public to make non-emergency reports on national security through multiple platforms including WeChat, SMS or email,” the HKPF wrote on Facebook on Thursday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/5 12:26:11

HK Chief Executive meets with ministers in Beijing, discusses measures to support the city

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam met with three ministers in Beijing on Wednesday during her visit to the capital, discussing the central government's supportive measures to Hong Kong, including economy, COVID-19 vaccine and air service.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/5 1:42:48

HK police deny 'revenge' accusation in arrest of RTHK director

Hong Kong police denied that the arrest of Tsai Yu-ling, a director of the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), is revenge for her investigation into the Yuen Long incident on July 21, 2019, nor is the arrest targeting journalists.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/4 23:08:40

Lam may seek help from central govt on LegCo chaos, education policymaking

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) may seek the central government's support in strengthening its finances and transport between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland when the global financial hub's economy was battered by social unrest and then by the coronavirus, Chinese analysts said on HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam's ongoing mainland visit from Tuesday to Saturday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/4 0:37:33

New 5-year plan to tackle external interference in HK and Taiwan

The proposal of China's new five-year plan stressed high alert to outside interference in Hong Kong and Macao affairs, and vowed to resolutely contain those activities in Taiwan to safeguard national sovereignty and stability.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/3 21:48:27

Carrie Lam to discuss how central govt can help HK bring about economic recovery during her mainland trip

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday that she will discuss how the central government will support Hong Kong to bring about economic recovery, and how Hong Kong fits into overall national development, the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the development of the Greater Bay Area, with mainland officials during her trip to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen this week.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/3 11:37:45

HKSAR gov't to implement national security law without fear: HKSAR chief executive

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam said on Monday that the implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the HKSAR is both timely and essential.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/11/3 10:38:18

Turkey adheres to one-China principle by deleting Erdogan's tweet with 'Taiwan flag'

Taiwan's "foreign ministry" said groundlessly on Monday that China has pressured the Turkish government to remove Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's tweet which shows Taiwan's "banner" among those who gave a hand to earthquake-struck Turkey.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/2 23:35:57

Chinese Ambassador to Japan outlines stance on issues including HK, Xinjiang, Diaoyu Islands: media

Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou on Friday accepted an exclusive interview with Asahi Shimbun to tackle China-Japan and China-US relations, and picked up quries on the Diaoyu Islands, Hong Kong and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/2 18:30:40

HK LegCo is no independent kingdom: executive councilor Ronny Tong

Ronny Tong Ka-wah, an executive councilor in Hong Kong, rejected claims that lawmakers cannot be prosecuted, and stressed that the LegCo is not an independent kingdom, following the arrest of several current and former Hong Kong lawmakers for violating the Legislative Council (LegCo) Ordinance. In response to comments that the law was meant to protect the legislature from outside interference and not to be used against lawmakers, Tong said on a Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) program on Monday that if there were matters that could not be dealt with by the LegCo president, they would have to be dealt with by the police.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/2 17:35:37

Macao's gaming revenue rebounds in October

Macao's gaming industry revenue tripled month-on-month in October, although it still recorded a decrease of 72.5 percent year-on-year, the special administrative region (SAR)'s gaming industry watchdog said on Sunday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/11/2 9:42:44

Chinese mainland contributes to improving cross-Straits relations: Taiwan businesspeople

Compared with the passive Taiwan authorities, the Chinese mainland has actively introduced a variety of preferential policies to support cross-Straits communication, which has injected tremendous positive energy into promoting peace and integrated development across the Taiwan Straits, said Taiwan business representatives at the second Taiwan Entrepreneurs Forum from October 28 to 29 in Tongchuan, North China's Shaanxi Province.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/1 21:42:38

Caught up in US-election farce, Apple Daily just a 'political tool'

Although Hong Kong tabloid Apple Daily denied its involvement in writing a smear piece on US presidential candidate Joe Biden through targeting his son Hunter Biden, the denial does not change the fact that it is "a political tool" rather than a media outlet, Chinese experts noted on Sunday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/1 20:18:40

Arrest of 7 political figures to clean up mess at HK LegCo: expert

Seven Hong Kong politicians including current and former members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) were arrested on Sunday for contempt and interference with members of the LegCo. The arrest is a positive signal that Hong Kong is cleaning up the long-existing mess in the LegCo and eliminating ill-intentioned political performances, experts noted. The seven arrested Hong Kong political figures include Wu Chi-wai, chairman of the Hong Kong opposition group Democratic Party, Steven Kwok Wing-kin, chairman of the Labour Party, Raymond Chan Chi-chuen, and Eddie Chu, Hong Kong media outlet reported Sunday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/1 16:29:24

HK lawmakers arrested for obstructing LegCo meeting

Several current and former members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (LegCo) were arrested on Sunday for contempt and interference with personnel of the LegCo at a chaotic May 8 LegCo meeting, the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) confirmed with the Global Times.
Source: Global Times | 2020/11/1 12:24:46

HKSAR chief executive exchanges views with business sector on Greater Bay Area development

Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam held a meeting via video conferencing with representatives of major chambers of commerce and several professional bodies Friday to exchange views on the HKSAR's participation in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and better integration into the overall development of the nation.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/31 11:25:14

Over 90% of schools in HKSAR celebrate Chinese National Day in 2020: survey

More than 90 percent of schools surveyed in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region held Chinese National Day celebrations this year. Nearly 70 percent of the schools held a flag-raising ceremony and 62 percent proudly displayed the national flag, marking a 12 and 25 percentage points year-on-year increase, respectively, Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (HKFEW) said on Thursday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/30 11:54:46