Mainland cares more about Hong Kong than outsiders do

By Shan Renping Source:Global Times Published: 2019/6/12 15:44:27

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Is there anyone on the Chinese mainland who wishes Hong Kong lose its capitalist character and become more like a mainland city? It cannot be said there is no one who so desires. But it is definitely not the mainstream view on the mainland and it is well-nigh impossible that it would become a policy of the Chinese central government. 

Most people on the mainland hope Hong Kong will stick to the "one country, two systems" policy, maintain its unique social landscape based on capitalism, because that is what makes Hong Kong interesting and worthy of visiting. 

The opposition in Hong Kong keeps claiming that Beijing will crack down on Hong Kong's fundamental values, including the rule of law and freedom, hoping to turn Hong Kong into a mainland city and changing Hong Kong people's way of life. Such claim is not only far from the principle of the "one country, two systems" policy, but also is inconsistent with the Chinese mainland's attitude toward Hong Kong. 

Western systems encourage political confrontation, which could easily push the different sides toward polarization. Now it's worrying that some people in Hong Kong have gone too far over the issue, turning the political game in Western society into a real confrontation in the city, hurting Hong Kong's image as a global financial center and casting a shadow over the city's future. 

It should be noted that the tempo of political confrontation in Western societies changes with the rhythm of elections. But in non-Western societies, political confrontation often goes to extremes and hits a dead-end, affecting social governance mechanisms and even leading to tragedies. Hong Kong must not learn from them. 

Since Hong Kong has adopted capitalism, it is normal to see Western-style symptoms. But Hong Kong should know how far to go and when to stop. Observers from the Chinese mainland sometimes go breathless with anxiety to see certain forces in Hong Kong addicted to political games and almost creating turmoil. 

Other than Hong Kong society itself, the Chinese mainland cares most about the city. Because Hong Kong is part of China and the state it is in - good or bad - has to do with the country. Making Hong Kong better is important for China to progress in a harmonious way.

As for others, why should they wish for the good of Hong Kong? In our view, Taiwan island authorities want to see nothing but the decline of Hong Kong to prove that their separatist direction is correct. Washington cares more about turning Hong Kong into a tool to pressure Beijing and create trouble. In the meantime, the UK could be in a different mood and probably miss the old days of colonizing the city. But if Hong Kong is better than it was as a colony, won't it be a case of sour grapes for London? We believe it is not difficult for Hong Kong society to see these subtleties. 

The Hongkongers must keep a clear mind so that they won't be fooled by Western political elites or trapped in Western-style political game. The "one country, two systems" policy is a new thing. When encountering problems, they should follow the Basic Law and find solution through consultation. 

It is not difficult to imagine that once Hong Kong runs into chaos, those who engage in radical politics will gain in opportunistic ways; and Western politicians will only be bystanders. Hong Kong people will suffer the biggest losses. Such a nightmare must not be allowed to come true in Hong Kong. 

The author is a commentator with the Global Times.

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