West can’t fool Chinese on human rights

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/8 21:35:53

Some Western countries have increased their attacks on China's human rights affairs. Their focus is still on the old issues involving dissidents and the Xinjiang question. 

The West's accusation has never considered the livelihood of most of the Chinese people. They overlook the core part of China's human rights issue and defend very few Chinese people's freedom of political confrontation. In addition, they point a finger at China's governance in Xinjiang. 

The Western view of human rights was formed during its unique history, in which religious persecution, genocide and revolutions were frequent. This shaped the Western people's special attention to political rights. 

West's concept of human rights needs to be viewed critically. We accept that the concept has a fair part in its content and China can learn from it. But China must develop its own cause of human rights, aiming to guarantee the welfare of the majority. This goal must not be affected by the West.

Development of seven decades has proven that the leadership of the Communist Party of China, an inevitable development of history, is the choice of the Chinese people.

Political confrontation advocated by a small number of people in China is defying this choice. It is beyond the sphere of rights and is violation of the Constitution. Using the Western political system, some Western people define dissidents' actions in China as political rights, but it is confusing politics and law. 

This wrong perception has created conflicts between China and the West. To the Chinese, the suppression of "political rights" in the eyes of Western people is disturbance of public order which could jeopardize the lives of most Chinese. 

The West's misunderstanding of China's human rights records due to differences in political system and culture is relatively easy to eliminate through communications. 

The problem is some Western forces deliberately use human rights as leverage to oppose China. They repeatedly launch malicious attacks against China to achieve their goals irrelevant to human rights. 

Disagreements on human rights between China and the West have been increasingly exploited by the West as a political tool. It is difficult to completely resolve the issue. However, it is necessary to explain to China and the international community the truth and misunderstanding of it, including tricks played by the West.

China has made tremendous progress on human rights in recent years, a result of its overall economic and social development. It is ridiculous to exclude China's fundamental change in people's livelihood from its human rights assessment. 

The poor argument can't stand the test of history. 

China needs to be highly confident in the cause of human rights. We go our own way and don't rule out learning from the West in some aspects. Human rights should be a joint cause for mankind rather than a topic for geopolitical competition.

The few dissidents were brainwashed by the West. They have turned into chess pieces of the West in its contention with China. Those people actually jeopardize human rights exchanges and widen the gap between China and the West. They have given us a lesson to learn. 

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