US mistakes sit on wrong side of history

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/7/19 5:11:56

Larry Kudlow, director of the US National Economic Council, recently said, "I think if they keep moving the way they're moving, they're on the wrong side of history. They're not the Soviet Union, but this kind of government control, statism, never works for long." His comments were made public on Wednesday in a report from Sinclair Broadcast Group.

It would be interesting to learn why Kudlow thinks China is on the wrong side of history while the US is supposedly on its right side. Could one explanation be because the Trump administration started a trade war or once again raised tariffs, efforts which history has proven will become obsolete?  

Look at what the Trump administration has done so far. They despise the multilateral international trading system, claiming major economies have used it to take advantage of the US. They have launched successive attacks on other multilateral systems while withdrawing from UNESCO, the Iran nuclear deal and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia. Their actions have created unprecedented chaos to international order unheard of since the start of the new millennium.

The US launched the biggest trade war against China in the history of the world. Its impact has severely impaired the global supply chain and threatened worldwide economic prospects.

The US is also the first superpower to embrace populism, and has done so by repeatedly declaring its "US first" policy to the world. This has been one of the most devastating blows to economic globalization ever delivered by Washington.  

There is little chance any country would sincerely believe that the US is on the right side of anything. At least half of the US population, if not more, believes their country has made huge mistakes, while the remaining half can only see the immediate gains without considering future development or whether their country is right or wrong. Perhaps the fairest way the White House can think of is how they can secure victory for next year's presidential election.  

While remaining true to its path, China has achieved industrialization, prosperity, and world-renowned accomplishments. Over the course of decades, China was able to complete this the process, while it took western countries much longer to achieve similar milestones. The people and the facts will have the last word when determining what is correct and incorrect. 

The Chinese know what's best for their country, and they understand what needs to be done. They will uphold the principles of "seeking truth from facts" and make adjustments accordingly. Kudlow's combined experience and knowledge are far from enough to have an influence on China.

Does Kudlow possess the mental faculties required to comprehend the governance of a superpower that has a population of 1.4 billion based solely on Western media bias? The economy is the same. However, one involves the wellbeing of 1.4 billion people through rapid economic growth, while the other is trying to make life better for 300 million. Are these two examples the same story?  

Adding to this dilemma is how Western politicians from countries with less significant populations are unqualified to teach China anything, let alone how to run the country. It would be like a child riding a go-kart and screaming at adults while teaching them how to drive the world's largest truck.  

Chinese have never passed on the opportunity to learn from others. In fact, we have been learning from other countries since the reform and opening-up. However, Chinese humility is not shackled to Washington's arrogance as a teacher and its bully hegemony tactics when pressing others. With all due respect, we are not from the same set of nuts and bolts.

It would best if Washington focused on their affairs. The US is experiencing internal polarizing racism while becoming more peremptory toward the outside, while simultaneously provoking a confrontation. How far the US will go in the new century is something Washington should consider.

Washington should be aware that due to its smooth progress since gaining independence and considering the vast population gap, they cannot wrap their minds around a modern world that includes China's participation. 

Pride has always been a significant US enemy. A country must learn how to be modest and restrained. Moving in the same direction is the best choice when minimizing risks for both sides. Confrontation should not be a 21st-century game. It is a trap that China and the US should work together to avoid.

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