Pakistan’s surprise hip-hop hub

Source:AFP Published: 2019/8/29 20:13:45

Haunted by gang violence and poverty for decades, Lyari was once considered one of Pakistan's most dangerous areas, but those grim realities also inspired a generation of artists and spawned a burgeoning hip-hop scene.

With its close proximity to the sea and history of smuggling, the largely ethnic Balochi neighborhood in Karachi stands apart for its history of violence.

When Karachi served as a major transport hub during the Afghan jihad against the Soviets, Lyari was hit hard by the influx of weapons and drugs.

But in recent years, the gangs have been brought to heel following a heavy-handed operation that kicked off in 2013 and saw the streets turned into virtual war zones. 

In the battle for Lyari, gangs infamously used rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles to fight security forces, with the crossfire shuttering schools and businesses and also keeping kids off the streets. 


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