Lam slaps Western media in the face

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/3 21:18:40

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Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor said Tuesday at a press conference that she "has never submitted a resignation to the central government," and that she is confident in leading her team to "help Hong Kong walk out from this dilemma." Lam's words once again responded to the rumors spread by Western media and showed her resolve to keep serving the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

Reuters on Friday released a so-called exclusive report, saying Lam submitted a report to Beijing, advising the Chinese central government to meet Hong Kong protesters' demands. 

After the rumor was rebutted, Reuters on Sunday made public an alleged audio recording of Lam's private conversation with a group of businesspeople in the city, attempting to cover up the truth that its previous news story was fake. Lam said Tuesday, "A conversation from a private party has been made public. I think it's very inappropriate."

Reuters and other Western media outlets have been entangled in "fake news," claiming Lam's resignation was rejected, which seriously breaks the bottom line of professional journalistic ethics. 

Instead of objectively reporting the facts, they preset their stance first with false information, making the non-existent state of affairs looks real.

After Lam made things clear at the press conference, a Western reporter continued to question her, "Why won't China let you resign?" Lam responded, "I have never tendered any resignation to the central people's government, so your question does not arise."

Some Western media are taking fiction as fact. Their reports about Lam's "resignation being rejected" are becoming increasingly nonsense, but their reporters act as if they hold the truth. They have deviated from objective reporting and professional standards for too long, and are numb to their own shamelessness.

Relevant reports from Western media like Reuters have become part of the US-led Western society's intervention in the Hong Kong situation. 

They have been piling increasing pressure on the HKSAR government and the chief executive to drive a wedge between the HKSAR government and Beijing. Instead of being neutral observers and reporters, they have been influencing the Hong Kong situation.

Certain Western media workers are extremely eager to see Lam resign. They hope such a change can impact the "one country, two systems" principle and create more chaos. Take British media, including Reuters. Their country has been experiencing a political crisis, with prime ministers frequently resigning. Thus, they feel uneasy when they see a calm Lam and HKSAR government with the Chinese central government's support in the face of continued riots and chaos.

The situation in Hong Kong mirrors how Western media act in direct contravention to their self-proclaimed principles of truth, objectivity and neutrality. Mainstream Western media have repeatedly used their so-called objective reports to penetrate into Chinese society and other developing countries. They have been pushing the agenda and value judgments, which are most conducive to maximizing Western interests.

Washington is keen on making Hong Kong a new lever to exert strategic pressure on China. Many Western media professionals understand this. They also understand Hong Kong's chaos does not meet the needs of the city's majority. But instead of revealing these truths, they use their influence to add fuel to the already irrational sentiment.

Western media is a special force that obstructs Hong Kong from returning to stability. They are eroding the Hong Kong people's interests.

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