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Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/2 17:57:29

Drama Joy of Life Season One ended in surprise, Yi Yangqianxi was awarded actor with most potential, South Korean entertainers Kim Hee-chui and Hirai Momo publicized their love relationship.

#The finale of 'Joy of Life'#

530 million views  12,000 posts

Xiao Zhan Photo: Courtesy of Sina Weibo

Chinese costume drama Qing Yu Nian (English title: Joy of Life) was officially leased out on its finale through paid to view in advance service on streaming platform Tencent Video on Wednesday.

The finale was soon leaked out online and landed on Sina Weibo's trending list with 430 million views and the hashtag was reposted for 102,000 times within several hours. 

In the finale, Yan Bingyun, played by Xiao Zhan, unexpectedly stabbed the hero Fan Xian, starred by Zhang Ruoyun. It draws a close to the first season of the drama. Many netizens believe that the plot was a fraud and he will come to life in the second season.

#Yi Yangqianxi selected as actor with most potential#

120 million views  159,000 posts

Yi Yangqianxi Photo: Courtesy of Sina Weibo

TFBoys member, Chinese actor-singer Yi Yangqianxi was selected as actor with most potential in a vote consisted of 100 film experts and critics organized by CCTV 6 Movie Channel.

Ninety-five voters made their choice of voting Yi and only five others voted other nominees for the award. The full list of the voters who supported Yi was displayed online, among whom are renowned names, such as Sha Dan and Song Ziwen.

Yi was nominated as a candidate for the actor with most potential for his role in Better Days, which tells a story of how two adolescents tried to protect each other and grew to be the adults they desired after a campus accident changed their destinies. 

It was the first time Yi played the hero in a film, but the nomination remarks said that Yi acted in an immensely impressive way.

#Kim Hee-chui and Hirai Momo confirm relationship#

120 million views  34,000 posts

Kim Hee-chui and Hirai Momo Photo: Courtesy of Sina Weibo

The relationship of South Korean 36-year-old actor-singer Kim Hee-chul and 23-year-old singer Hirai Momo topped Sina Weibo's trending list on Thursday.

According to outlet EDaily's report, their agencies confirmed that the two artists started their relationship as a senior and junior duo and started to date recently because of the affection developing between them.

The hashtag of Kim Hee-chul and Hirai Momo has been viewed over 210 million in a few hours on Thursday morning with many Chinese netizens claiming that this is the first publicized celebrity relationship in 2020.

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