China considers new textbooks on high-tech Published: 2020/1/8 2:30:58

Students read Chinese textbooks at a primary school in Handan, North China's Hebei Province. File Photo: VCG

China is drafting new textbooks on cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and cybersecurity for higher education institutions to cultivate talents that will meet national strategy needs in the digital age.

China's Ministry of Education on Tuesday published the plan on national teaching material for primary, middle and higher educational schools by 2022, vowing to draft textbooks on high-tech while introducing and translating advanced overseas textbooks on science, technology, and engineering for universities.

The principle of the national teaching material committee office told a press conference that educational authorities should publish textbooks that focus on practical and experimental teaching to improve students' practical ability, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Authorities should motivate vocational schools and companies by publishing new types of teaching materials that integrate knowledge and experience on modern digital technology, the principle said.

According to the plan, primary and junior high school textbooks will improve people-cultivating functions by integrating core socialist values into the textbooks by 2022.

The important aspects of the national education system are to cultivate students' core socialist values, strengthen education in fine traditional Chinese culture, revolutionary traditions and the concept of national security, the principle noted.

The authorities will establish a new and improved textbook compilation mechanism, review that mechanism and give feedback on it to ensure an efficient and smooth textbook update system.

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