Sohu TV plans to further promote short video production and livestreaming

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/12 17:18:41


Chinese actor Xiao Zhan Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV

Chinese streaming giant Sohu TV will further promote the development of short videos when it comes to professional-generated-content (PGC), user-generated-content (UGC) and vlogs on its platform. In particular, it will step up efforts to draw influential public figures to open accounts, according to a statement from the company on Friday.   

A group of experts and business insiders across different industries have already joined the platform and been livestreaming about topics such as automobiles, makeup, education, culture, real estate, health, love and self-care.  

Chinese actor Li Xian Photo: Courtesy of Sohu TV


Meanwhile, Sohu TV has built a community linking fans together. Channels of fan clubs for celebrities like Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo and Li Xian are especially active. With an average of over 100,000 followers for each club, fans follow the latest news about their idols, and post and share videos about them.      

Furthermore, Sohu TV plans to launch a program to further develop livestreaming called "Searching for 100 knowledgeable experts," which aims to make the platform more educational and informative. 



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