Is evolution fast-forwarding? Chimps seen ‘reading’ a newspaper

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/14 17:18:41

The chimp is reading. Photo: screenshot of video posted by China News Service

 A video of two chimpanzees in a Chinese wildlife park that suggests they have a "superpower" - the ability to read a newspaper - has gone viral on social media.

The video posted by on Weibo, shows two chimpanzees living in the Xi'an Qinling Wildlife Park in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province holding a few pages of a newspaper and seemingly reading the text and looking at the images. In the humorous video, the chimpanzees stare at pages of the Shaanxi-based Huashang Daily while sitting on a car tire in their cage. One of them seems to finish reading part of the magazine-sized paper and then gently place it on the floor. A moment later it lies down in the tire and holds the paper up and continues to "read." 

The two chimpanzees even occasionally turn the pages like humans, leading netizens to wonder if the primates can actually read.

Park staffers regularly put a newspaper in the chimps' enclosure after a paper was accidentally left there and the animals seemed interested in it.


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