What’s trending on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Wednesday

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/15 18:07:43

What's trending on Wednesday:  

Cai Xukun attends Happy Camp, Xiao Zhan graces cover of Portrait magazine, William Chan and Lay Zhang to dance during CCTV Spring Festival Gala

#CaiXunkunAttends HappyCamp#

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Cai Xukun

The outfit Chinese singer Cai Xunkun wore on Tuesday during an appearance on Chinese variety show Happy Camp to promote idol competition show Youth With You has captured the hearts of Chinese netizens.

Dressed in a white sweater with denim overalls, the star also came out of the studio to see his fans who were lining up for the show, and threw a paper airplane into the crowd. The paper airplane contained the message "Winter has come, do not forget to dress warm."

"His denim overalls are so cute. How I wish I could have gotten that paper airplane," one Chinese netizen posted on Sina Weibo.

#XiaoZhanOnCover OfPortrait# 

330 million views   416,000 posts

Xiao Zhan

Chinese actor and singer Xiao Zhan is on the cover of Portrait magazine's February issue, which was released on Tuesday. 

The issue also features an interview with the star in which he talks about his growth over the past five years and how his determination has helped him grow stronger. 

The magazine sold 100,000 copies within its first three seconds of digital sales and set a new sales record by selling more than 200,000 copies within 15 minutes. 

"Xiao Zhan is a very thoughtful idol, and that's why I like him. I am sure that he will have a bright future in his career," one Chinese fan posted on Sina Weibo.

#WilliamChan,Lay ZhangToDanceWild WolfDisco#

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Zhang Yixing

Chinese netizens expressed excitement and anticipation after learning that Chinese singers Lay Zhang, William Chan and Baoshi Gem will give a song and dance performance of the hit song "Wild Wolf Disco" during CCTV's Spring Festival Gala.

A solo song from Baoshi Gem, "Wild Wolf Disco" became one of the most popular songs in China in 2019. 

"This is the fourth time that our ideal idol Lay has been invited to attend the Spring Festival Gala, which is a great affirmation of Lay's positive image. We look forward to the fascinating show," one Chinese fan posted on Sina Weibo on Wednesday.

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