Hats with wigs are new fashion trend for makeovers, hiding bald spot

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/20 17:33:40

The online shop selling hat with wigs. Photo: screenshot of Tmall's website

Hats that come with wigs attached of various lengths and colors have become a new favorite on Chinese e-commerce platforms, helping not only men who are follically challenged but women who want to dramatically transform their look.

While online sales platforms are rife with shampoos and oral medicines that promise to stop thinning on top, the hat-wig is finding favor as a cover-up and a fashion accessory. 

One of the most popular hat-wigs for sale on Taobao, Chinese giant e-commerce platform, cost only 79 yuan ($11.5). The shop specializing in the product says that it sells more than 15,000 hat-wigs a month, on its Taobao shop.

The site shows multiple photos of a young woman wearing a black toque with long brownish hair. Another photo of the same model shows her in the same hat with long greyish hair. 

"It's prettier than I imagined. My friends all ask me where I bought it," a buyer wrote on the shop's platform.

The quality of wigs attached to the hats were scoffed at by many buyers. 

Another series of photos on the online shop shows men wearing sporty visor caps, with empty center of the hat containing very fake hair dyed in a range of colors.

"Wearing this kind of hat in winter is perfect. It's not only warmer, I don't have to worry about having less hair," wrote a netizen suggesting he may never doff his cap.  


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