Salute to Wuhan citizens for their sacrifice

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/23 12:36:24

The city of Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, has announced that outbound channels at Wuhan's train stations and airports would be closed starting from 10 am Thursday, and bus, subway and ferry services would also be shut down. The notice also requires that local residents should not leave Wuhan if there are no special reasons. This is a huge move from local authorities amid the escalating novel coronavirus epidemic. 

The coronavirus has spread rapidly in recent days. In Wuhan, the number of pneumonia cases caused by this still mysterious virus has increased sharply. By Wednesday evening, a total of 444 confirmed cases of new coronavirus-related pneumonia had been reported in Hubei Province, and most of them are in Wuhan. Almost all the other cases confirmed in other Chinese cities originated from Wuhan. It is clear that preventing the outbound spread of the virus from Wuhan is the key to fight against the new pneumonia.

The situation of the epidemic is developing too fast. China must race with the spread of the virus and take firm measures to gain the initiative.

It is first time for China since 1949 to shut down the outbound channels of such a large provincial capital. Wuhan is also known as a thoroughfare to nine provinces and the largest transportation hub in Central China. Therefore, it is undoubtedly difficult to make the decision to close the city down. It needs much courage and rationality to take this step. 

We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices made by Wuhan citizens. They will make a great contribution to stop the uncontrolled spread of the epidemic. Some Wuhan people's normal travels will be affected and the suspension of public transportation in the city will also bring a serious inconvenience to Wuhan locals.

As a media organization, we want to pay tribute to the city of Wuhan and its over 10 million citizens. We also believe that the entire Chinese nation will pay tribute to Wuhan citizens who think of the big picture at this critical moment.

The Chinese people will be with the citizens of Wuhan. Only when China wins the battle of defending Wuhan can there be a national victory of fighting against the new pneumonia.  Chinese society will pay close attention to the progress of Wuhan's epidemic control. 

Wuhan's resolute measures are likely to greatly increase the odds of speeding up containing the new coronavirus. But this does not mean the rest of China can be completely relieved. It is still unknown how many virus carriers have already traveled to various parts of China before 10 am on Thursday. The virus may still mutate and humans still know little about it. By Wednesday evening, more than 100 confirmed cases had been reported in various regions of China outside Hubei Province. Imported cases will continue to increase in other parts of China for some time, and those who are infected may continue to infect others.

It is hoped that shutting down outbound channels of Wuhan will become a decisive turning point in fight against the virus. Chinese society must stay united in the future. We must win the fight against Wuhan pneumonia, because there is no other choice.

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