China maglev 2.0 breaks 140 kph barrier

Source:China News Service Published: 2020/1/25 10:25:20

China's first commercial maglev 2.0 arrives at Changsha, Hunan Province. File photo:Xinhua

China's first commercial maglev 2.0 runs at 140 kilometers per hour, surpassing medium-low speed equivalents with short stator drive systems.

The commercial maglev 2.0 is designed to run at speeds of 160 kph, comprising three sections, carrying up to 500 passengers.

In August 2019, the commercial maglev 2.0 started speed-tests along the Changsha maglev express line.

It will be tested on higher speeds later.

China's first commercial maglev system, a 30-kilometer stretch between Shanghai Putong Airport and the city center, opened in 2002. 

Its 3.0 medium-low-speed maglev will increase capacity and acceleration speeds, running at 200 kph.


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