Egypt confirms first novel coronavirus case

Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/2/16 12:24:09

Tourists visit the Pyramid of Menkaure at the Giza Plateau in Giza, Egypt, Dec. 26, 2018. (Xinhua/Meng Tao)

The first case of the novel coronavirus has been confirmed in Egypt, the health ministry announced on Friday.

"A foreign person has tested positive for the coronavirus ... The case is stable and did not show any symptoms," Khaled Mujahid, spokesperson for the health ministry, said in a statement.

The spokesman did not identify the nationality of the case.

Mujahid said that the World Health Organization (WHO) was immediately informed, noting that all preventive measures were taken in cooperation with the WHO.

He said that the case was transferred in a self-sterilized ambulance to a hospital and kept under mandatory quarantine, adding that the health ministry has tested those who are in contact with the case, affirming they all were negative for the virus.

A view of the Nile River and the Cairo city is seen from the Cairo Tower in Cairo, Egypt, Nov. 24, 2019. (Xinhua/Wu Huiwo)

"They will also be kept for 14-day quarantine at their residences as a precautionary measure," the spokesman said, noting that medical teams check them every eight hours.

He said that the case was detected thanks to the preventive precautionary plan implemented by the health ministry through activating the electronic program to register and follow up those coming from countries where the novel coronavirus spread.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Egypt has adopted an integrated plan, which covers early detection, quarantine and treatment measures, as well as raising public awareness.

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