West obsessed with political stunt over Xinjiang

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/18 23:13:31

People dance to music during Corban Festival celebrations in Kashgar, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Aug. 11, 2019. (Xinhua/Wang Fei)

Western media recently reported another what they called "a leaked government document" on Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It includes the alleged information of more than 300 Uygur people and their relatives in Xinjiang's Moyu County. The document is claimed to have detailed records of why these people were "detained" in Xinjiang's vocational education and training centers and their performance there.

Western media admitted that the so-called document is not signed or stamped, but claimed that it is "legitimate for a number of reasons" as some of its content matches that of "other government documents, spreadsheets and a leaked database."

The work of Xinjiang's vocational education and training centers has passed the peak period over the previous years, but the West is still interested in attacking it. Some Western people have been smearing China's Xinjiang policy to vent their dissatisfaction toward China.

It is meaningless to argue with certain Western public opinion about a specific practice in Xinjiang. The fact is China is pragmatically reshaping the situation in Xinjiang and has achieved outstanding results. Xinjiang's overall situation has been refreshed. Peace and stability have returned to the land which occupies about one-sixth of China's total area, and economic and social undertakings have returned to normal. The recovery of tourism is particularly prominent. At the same time, a public opinion carnival to smear China over Xinjiang governance has emerged in the West. Some are upset that the public opinion campaign has failed to affect the situation in Xinjiang. 

Frictions between China and the West are common, yet is it not common to see such a fierce verbal attack by the West and the firm resistance from China. 

There is no doubt that problems can be found in the details of de-radicalization efforts in Xinjiang, a large-scale social movement. But the ultimate goal of the movement is to restore peace and stability in the region. This is political goodwill toward all local people. Yet those who are accusing China's efforts from the US and the West totally deny the goodwill. From their narrow-minded stance and paranoid ideology, the governance in Xinjiang equals appalling ethnic repression. They have shown unprecedented obsession and fanaticism over demonizing China. 

Ethnic minorities in China enjoy quite many preferential policies in many fields such as access to education. Mosques can be seen everywhere in Xinjiang. How can that be called de-Islamization, which is a completely different concept from de-radicalization? 

The de-radicalization movement is to completely shake off the influence of those radical forces in Xinjiang. 

China's political system is different from that of the West. Our system is to serve the people and has achieved fruitful results. Some Western elites are arrogant and petty-minded, as if they hope for China's prosperity more than the Chinese government does. They pretend to be noble and shut their eyes to the reality, which shows Western civilization has lost its openness and inclusiveness.

Facts speak louder than words. History will finally record Xinjiang's revolutionary turning point which leads the region away from turbulence. A real humanitarian monument is being established in Xinjiang. All paranoia and hypocrisy will eventually be gone with the wind.

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