Jimmy Lai will never escape justice no matter how long it takes

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/28 14:03:40

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Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, one of the key anti-government figures in Hong Kong and founder of Apple Daily, was arrested on Friday morning. Hong Kong police arrived at Lai's residence and took him to Kowloon City Police Station. Lai was detained for taking part in an illegal assembly on August 31, 2019 and criminal intimidation in June 2017, according to local media reports. At 12:45 pm, Lai was reportedly granted bail and seen leaving the police station. Other radical pan-democratic figures including Lee Cheuk-yan and Yeung Sum were also arrested on Friday morning.

Many believed Lai is the "chief traitor" who has brought chaos to the country and disorder to Hong Kong. As founder of Next Digital Ltd, Lai has not only used his media company to sabotage public opinion in Hong Kong, but also personally engaged in various traitorous political activities and publicly colluded with anti-China US politicians. His previous crimes had already nailed him to the pillar of shame.

He should have been punished by the law long time ago. Due to some well-known reasons such as the weak legal system of Hong Kong, some rioters have found the space to evade legal punishment without any fear. This is deeply regrettable. 

However, a moral trial against Lai and his counterparts have been ongoing. Lai is the most prominent rabble-rouser of the "gang of four" who endanger Hong Kong. With his money and public platform, he has carried out many activities detrimental to Hong Kong and greatly infuriated people.

In August 2019, the Shunde Lai Clan in South China's Guangdong Province, who Lai is descended from, excluded him from the family genealogy. This shows Lai's notoriety. Lai has broken away from the Chinese nation's interests. He has tied his own interests and that of his whole family to the US and the UK's geopolitical conspiracy against China, shamelessly acting like a modern traitor.

Speaking of traitors, Chinese people are most likely to dwell on the traitors who served in the Japanese invasion of China. The militaristic Imperial Japan was brutal and savage, and was despised by most Western forces, thus making it easier to identify those traitors.

But modern-day new traitors like Lai have received supports from major Western powers and have labeled themselves "pursuers of democracy and freedom." Lai visited the US in July 2019, and US Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with him. He shamelessly engaged in such collusion tactics as evidence to prove he is a so-called democracy activist, deceiving those Hong Kong people who were politically misled.

72-year-old Lai is conniving and deceitful regarding politics. He deeply understands US engagement in Hong Kong is not intended to promote democracy, but to contain China by interfering in Hong Kong. Lai believes he is helping the US, more than just having general ideological communication with the US. He believes he is more important than ever.

Assisting the US to interfere in Hong Kong is where Lai's abnormal interests lie. Some forces in the US and the West can deliver economic interests to Lai's company through various means while increasing his safety by exerting pressure on public opinion about Hong Kong's judiciary system. This has made Lai feel like he is the man of the day and greatly satisfied his vanity.

But moral and legal punishment awaited him. The crime of selling Hong Kong's prosperity for personal gain can never be whitewashed. The anti-extradition bill protest seriously hurt the rule of law in Hong Kong and overshadowed the modern city. However, Lai has helped the anti-China US political elites to whitewash the protest as the "most touching scene in Hong Kong." No matter how late justice arrives, Lai will never escape punishment.

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