President Xi's inspection instills more optimism in society

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/10 21:37:25

Staff members work at a workshop of Sanden Huayu Automotive Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, east China, February 27. Sanden Huayu has orderly resumed work and production on the premise of ensuring the safety amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Photo:Xinhua

The inspection tour by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, has greatly inspired Chinese society. People interpret the visit in their own simple way, and optimism has blended with the atmosphere of spring. 

The Chinese stock market, contrary to European and US stock markets, surged sharply on Tuesday. Latest data released shows that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Hubei declined to 17 and all were in Wuhan. Two new reported cases in other regions were both imported cases. The good control of the epidemic has laid the foundation for the upbeat market. 

Resumption of work and production has been accelerated in various areas and progress has been made every day. Some provinces have lifted the rule that people arriving from other domestic regions must undergo a 14-day quarantine - a major obstacle for the movement of people has been gradually removed. 

Imported cases of infection are a new challenge for China, but the Chinese people are confident that their government is capable of putting such risks under control. Imported cases have been reported across China, but people are not panic.

Although in many cities commercial services where people have close contact with each other are still limited, the seal-off management of communities continues, and people are still wearing face masks outdoors, and the majority of Chinese people are becoming relaxed and their panic are gradually vanishing.

Besides optimism brought about by the easing situation of the epidemic, the people have enhanced their trust in the government's ability to control the situation and eliminate the major menace of the public. Despite the initial mishandling of Wuhan, government measures have made vigorous efforts to turn the tide. Now many of the countries have fallen victim to the virus. All these have reshaped the Chinese people's understanding of their country's capability. Generally, the collective confidence of the Chinese people is strengthening. Many countries repeated the mistake that Wuhan has made, while they cannot achieve what China has done.

The quick containment of the epidemic is unleashing great economic and political significance. On the internet, netizens are calling for stringent reflections, but it will not affect people's understanding of major issues of principle. The true picture of China's public opinion is changing with the changes in the epidemic.

We believe work resumptions will improve day by day. Some concrete issues may be thorny, but as society functions again, these issues may not be that difficult to tackle.

Confidence is being restored in Chinese society. We would like to remind local authorities that they should bravely face the current problems and will find a solution to pave the way for the resumption of work.

To accelerate the pace of restoring economic vitality, we'd like to offer some suggestions. First, cancel or loosen the mandatory 14-day quarantine regulation for returnees from another province. This is a major obstacle of people's movement. As most areas except Wuhan have seen zero new cases for consecutive days, the conditions for not rigidly applying this rule have become ripe.  

Second, governments at different levels should consider putting an end to the seal-off management according to local conditions. In these places, prevention with a high cost should be gradually turned to precise prevention with high vigilance, to create room for all-round resumption of work.

Third, prevention and control measures must be simplified. Customs should keep high-level inspection, while domestic checkpoints should shift their focus from detecting infected cases to recording people's social activities. Hence, if there is a new case, people who had close contact with him or her can be quickly identified.

Fourth, people should be encouraged to go out to consume in most parts of China. Revitalized commercial activities will increase people's confidence, which can in turn promote the healthy development of the economy.

As long as the above-mentioned work can be carried out, the resumption of work will be fast and efficient. China's achievement in its preventive and control work will eventually turn into real economic and social development.

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