Iranian Embassy sends ‘sincerest gratitude’ to Chinese donors of medical aid

By Hu Yuwei Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/14 17:51:52

Medicines placed in front of the Consulate General of Iran in Shanghai before being sent to Iran on Saturday Photo: CNS photo

The Embassy of Iran in Beijing issued a letter of appreciation on Friday, expressing its gratitude to more than 120 Chinese donors and volunteers for donating medical supplies to help Iran fight against its worsening COVID-19 outbreak.

Iran recorded its highest single-day death toll with over 85 fatalities on Friday, according to the Iranian health ministry, as security forces began to enforce a complete lockdown of the country in enhanced efforts against the epidemic.

“The Embassy has the honor to extend its sincerest gratitude for the generous donation of 1,000 pieces of protective cloths, which has been received and dispatched immediately to Iran,” read the letter with an attached list, naming every Chinese donor, sent by the embassy to the donors and seen by the Global Times.

A screenshot of the Embassy of Iran's Weibo post expressing its gratitude to the Beijing government.

Chinese expatriates in Iran have raised donations in early March, using social media platforms, to source medical supplies from China, including goggles, facial masks, protective outfits, and testing reagents, to help Iran. 

The shipment of aid that departed from Shanghai has arrived in Iran to be dispatched to three hospitals in Tehran, Li Hong, manager of an Iran-based local tour agency who initiated the donation, told the Global Times.

The list of Chinese donors who collected medical aid for Iran Photo: Courtesy of Li Hong

On Saturday, the embassy also expressed its gratitude to the Beijing government through a Weibo post, with photos of Beijng’s donation of medical supplies. Beijing has announced to donate epidemic control supplies, including isolation gowns, shoe covers, disposable medical caps, and nucleic acid test kits to Seoul, Tehran, Tokyo, and Yokohama.

“The Embassy is highly convinced that with the valuable support of China in this critical date and especial situation, the friendship and strategic partnership between the two countries will be further developed, and wish all the best in its humanitarian mission,” the gratitude letter stated.

“In recent days, Iranian media have widely reported on China's humanitarian supports to Iran, and the Iranian public have been moved by the warm wishes of the Chinese netizens. We have also received many messages from Iranian people asking us to convey our thanks to China,” the embassy posted on its official Sina Weibo handle on Friday.

“China is the only country that has consistently helped Iran as it struggles to resupply medicine under sanctions,” an Iranian Twitter user named “Arash Karami” commented.

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