Love thrives in the time of coronavirus as frontline nurse finally marries her boyfriend

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/22 12:43:40

Photo: The people's daily

As the entire country wrestled with the outbreak of coronavirus, love was also confronted with various challenges as the much-awaited date of wedding, of this frontline nurse got delayed due to her call of duty.

However, the young Chinese nurse finally got married to her boyfriend on Friday, 36 days after her original scheduled date. 

Their love story caught public attention after a photo of Chen Ying, the nurse from East China's Zhejiang Province, kissing her boyfriend from across a glass separation went viral.

Chen and her boyfriend, Huang Qianrui, had planned to get married on February 14; however, as Chen was tasked to treat coronavirus their marriage registration had to be postponed.

On January 26, Chen joined the frontline battle, as the first batch of nurses, working in negative pressure ward to treat covid-19 patients.

After 11 days of incessant work in the isolation ward, Chen met her boyfriend for the first time on February 4 and they kissed while standing separated by a glass wall. The romantic scene touched the hearts of Chinese netizens after the picture went viral.

"Since I chose this profession, I have to step forward at such times," Chen said in an interview adding that the first thing she wanted to do after the epidemic waned, is to marry her boyfriend. 

She was flooded with congratulatory messages from netizens on her wedding day.

"Congratulations! If you just want to come to Sanya or Xiamen to take wedding photos! You can contact me! We will shoot your photos free of cost," a netizen posted on Sina Weibo, China's twitter-like microblogging platform. 

"If you come to Chengdu for tourism, I want to treat you with hot pot and be your free guide.  Bless you," another user posted online.

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