Girl returns to wash Great Wall after scrawling on it

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/14 15:53:40

Photo: cnsphoto

A girl who was placed under investigation by the Beijing police on Saturday for scrawling on the Great Wall to express her love to her significant other turned herself in on Tuesday and returned to the scenic spot to clean up her graffiti with the companionship of her family.

Given Li's juvenile status and that her act didn't cause substantial damage to the relic, as well as her good attitude in apologizing, the police decided to let her off with a warning.

Li returned to the scenic spot and expressed regret for her actions. The administrative office confirmed the girl, surnamed Li, was under 18 via its ticket booking system.

In order to let her know about the importance of protecting the Great Wall and the seriousness of damaging it, the office arranged for the girl to see and clean off her writing along with Great Wall protectors, so as to let her know about the damage caused by such graffiti.

"I realized my fault in this event, and I will avoid making the same mistake again in the future," Li said, adding that "I hope people love and protect the Great Wall."

The scenic spot administration office also set up three graffiti walls by the Great Wall for tourists to write on, which will be replaced every three months, said the scenic spot administration office.

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