Who's like Nazi Germany: peace-loving China or belligerent US? Global Times editorial

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/7 20:53:40

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Photo: AFP

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the US State Department led by him once again escalated attacks on China in the past weekend. In addition to groundlessly accusing China of exploiting George Floyd's death, Pompeo slandered China's Hong Kong policy as behavior like World War II Nazi Germany, which broke its promises with "the rest of Europe." 

Such an accusation has undoubtedly crossed the bottom line of modern-day diplomacy. 

Chinese officials have been restrained in speaking about unrest in the US. Beijing didn't declare that it would stand with the protesters, and did not propose or pass any act concentrating on US ethnic minorities or human rights, nor arrange meetings for Chinese diplomats with US protesters or leaders of demonstrations. This is a sharp contrast with what the US has been doing in terms of China's Hong Kong and Xinjiang affairs. 

Since the unrest broke out in the US, it has been compared with those in Hong Kong - because Washington had gone too far meddling in the Chinese city. But just a week ago, Washington threatened to sanction Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for the proposed national security law that aims to protect the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The anti-racism protests in the US and the US federal government's threat to deploy the military to quell unrest have blown the US' national reputation, uprooting Washington's moral foundation for blaming other places, including Hong Kong, on human rights. It was a hopeless and ridiculous move of Pompeo to accuse China of exploiting the unrest in the US "for its own political gain." 

When rioters set Hong Kong on fire, US politicians called that a "beautiful sight to behold," but when similar incidents swept the US, the same group of politicians decried them as riots that should be quelled. Have Pompeo and his peers realized that their country is using up its resources and chances to play such double-standard tricks?

By smearing China as Nazi Germany, Pompeo clearly revealed Washington's ideological hysteria. While China has spared no efforts to put COVID-19 under control and saved numerous people, and while the US has exposed flaws in its system that has led to the world's No.1 infections and top coronavirus death toll, Pompeo's remarks cannot deceive people from telling which country acts more like the Nazis. 

China hasn't engaged in a war with any foreign country for 32 years. But in the same period, how many wars have been launched by the US? From Panama and Haiti in Central America to Iraq and Afghanistan in Asia, to Somali in Africa, and to Kosovo in Europe, US troops have left bullet-holes. 

The US has pulled out of international organizations that help maintain world peace, while in contrast China has been a resolute defender of a world framework under the United Nations. Worse, the US has launched an unprecedentedly comprehensive trade war and paralyzed the WTO. 

Which country on Earth acts more like the Nazis?

Boasting an extreme ideology, lying publicly and fabricating charges to attack other countries, Pompeo behaves as if he is the infamous Joseph Goebbels of Nazi Germany rather than a top US diplomat. He is fanning the flames of world division and hostility. Kind-hearted people are concerned that world peace will eventually be destroyed by fanatical politicians such as Pompeo.

Such fanatical politicians are pushing the world from cooperation to decoupling and confrontations. They have sown discord in a world of mutual respect and mutual understanding. Along with resurgent risks, severe turmoil has shown up after long-term stable development of humanity.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics is a hard road the Chinese people have found to get rid of poverty and weakness. China doesn't demand any country to learn from its experience of revolution, but the US has been attempting to reshape China. And when the US intention fails, it doesn't hesitate to use its hegemonic power to contain China. 

However, as an ancient civilization, China has been through larger storms. It is naïve for the US to think about reshaping China. 

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