China will precisely retaliate against Czech Republic Senate speaker who plans to visit Taiwan

By Yang Sheng Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/9 22:49:24

Photo taken on July 21, 2019 from Xiangshan Mountain shows the Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan.Photo:Xinhua

The speaker of the Czech Republic's Senate announced on Tuesday that he will visit China's Taiwan, a move which shows support for the separatist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities on the island, despite warnings from the Chinese mainland and a recommendation from his own government that he not take the trip. Analysts said China's retaliation should precisely hit politicians who provoke China's sovereignty and avoid harming innocent Czech companies in China.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Milos Vystrcil said he would be accompanied by a business delegation on his visit, which is tentatively scheduled to begin on August 30. Vystrcil said he was also planning to meet Taiwan's regional leaders, but didn't immediately give details.

Vystrcil's predecessor in the post, Jaroslav Kubera, was planning to travel to Taiwan before he died in January. His plans angered Czech President Milos Zeman who respects the one-China principle and paid efforts to build friendly ties with China.

The DPP authorities have spent a lot of resources on making trouble regarding China-Czech ties and divide the relationship between the Czech Republic government and the Senate in recent years citing different excuses. The separatist authorities expressed their "welcome" to the plan made by Vystrcil, and said that the trip "will advance cooperation and interactions between Taiwan and the Czech Republic in economic, technological, medical, tourism, and cultural areas."

The Chinese mainland has actually allowed economies and countries around the globe to have non-official ties which include normal trade and cultural exchanges before the realization of reunification, but the mainland firmly opposes any country building formal diplomatic ties and even military cooperation with the island, as these moves will harm China's sovereignty and are against the one-China principle that is respected by most countries around the globe and the UN. 

Therefore a visit conducted by the speaker of the senate to the island is truly provoking China's bottom-line regarding sovereignty matters, and if Vystrcil just wants to boost trade and cultural exchanges with the island, it is totally unnecessary for him to have such a plan to provoke the mainland, said Chinese analysts.  

"The People's Republic of China believes it has a right to tell us what to do," Vystrcil said. He said the Czech Republic will benefit from his trip to the island, according to the AP.

A Beijing-based expert on Taiwan affairs who requested anonymity said that Taiwan is definitely China's domestic affairs, and Czech politicians like Vystrcil are rudely imposing interference over China's internal affairs, but they still dare to accuse China of interference in the Czech Republic's "internal affairs" while Beijing expressed reasonable opposition and anger over their acts to support separatism in Taiwan. 

This is truly "gangster logic" and China will surely retaliate against Vystrcil's moves as there is no room for China to tolerate provocations regarding its sovereignty, he noted.

The AP reported that the government of the Czech Republic also suggested Vystrcil not take the trip.

However, due to the government and the senate of the country displaying a different attitude on the matter, some Chinese analysts said that China's retaliation could precisely hit the politicians who provoke China's sovereignty and avoid harming the Czech companies in China if they do nothing wrong.

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