Book about guqin took 10 years to finish

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/12/1 10:38:40

A Chinese music instrument Guqin is seen on display in the Museum of Gusli and Guqin in Moscow, Russia, on Feb. 12, 2020. The Museum of Gusli and Guqin -- traditional Russian and Chinese music instruments opened this Wednesday in Moscow. (Photo by Evgeny Sinitsyn/Xinhua)

A new book about the guqin was published on Sunday. It took 10 years to write, and it provides a detailed introduction to the traditional Chinese instrument. 

A Swedish writer published a book about the guqin in 2006 and after being introduced in China in 2009, the book was praised a lot by Chinese reviewers.

Zhu Huipeng, the writer of the new book "Tingqinjing," researched the instrument for years to understand not only how to play the guqin well but also what the spirit of the instrument is and different types of guqin music.

Zhu described the ideal state when playing the guqin, which is to be quiet and peaceful. People should feel the deep rhythm of nature when playing the instrument, so that they can play it well and find the beautiful sound.

The book noted that playing the guqin and appreciating music can create a sense of physical and mental pleasure, which is beneficial for people's health.

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