India PM Modi visits China

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May 14

07:30- Arrive in Xi'an
10:20- Terracota Warriors Museum
11:55- Da Xing Shan Temple
15:30- Restricted talks with President Xi Jinping
16:50- Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Handing over of Bodhi Tree sapling
18:10- South City Wall
Traditional Tang Dynasty welcome ceremony
18:30- Dinner Banquet hosted by President Xi Jinping
19:30- Walk to the "Pot City (courtyard)" to attend a cultural performance
22:35- Arrive in Beijing

May 15

10:00- Arrive at Great Hall of the People
10:15- Official Welcome Ceremony
10:15- Restricted talks with Premier Li Keqiang
10:45- Delegation level talks
11:45- Signing of Agreements
12:00- Press Statements
12:20- State/Provincial Leaders' Forum
(Great Hall of People) (Note: PM and Premier Li will address the Forum)
12:30- Banquet hosted by Premier Li
15:00- Arrive at Great Hall of the People
Meeting with Zhang Dejiang, Chairman of National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee
16:00- Arrive at Tsinghua University
16:00 Speech by PM, followed by Q&A
17:15- Arrive at Temple of Heaven
PM and Premier Li to attend Yoga-Taichi Joint Event
Brief remarks by PM and Premier Li
20:40-  Arrive in Shanghai

May 16

09:30- Meeting with Chinese CEOs (10-20 CEOs of major Chinese companies)
10:15- India-China Business Forum
11:00- (Grand Ball Room, Hotel Portman Ritz Carlton)
Welcome Remarks by Shanghai Municipal Government Leader
Keynote Address by India PM 
Speech by Chinese top official
11:30- Meeting with Shanghai leader (Shanghai CPC Secretary)       
12:00- Banquet
14:30- Arrive at Fudan University
15:30- Indian Community Reception
Brief photo-op with four groups (10-12 members each) of Indian community
Address by PM
Brief walk-about
16:30- Depart Shanghai

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Modi's Nixonian pragmatism refreshes ties

Though it joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a founding member, there are suspicions among some Indian scholars that the bank will serve as an instrument of Chinese foreign and strategic policy.

Economy a dilemma for globe-trotting Modi

Modi is trying hard to attract foreign companies to invest in India. Wherever he goes, he emphasized how favorable India's environment is for foreign investments in the field of manufacturing.

Modi-Xi summit offers chance for shift to regional partnership

What all this means is that the ruling establishment of India does not wish to leave any stone unturned to ensure the positive environment for the Xi-Modi summit, which is expected to usher in a subtle “reset” in China-India relations marking a beginning of a gradual shift from bilateral-centric to regional and global

Can Modi's visit upgrade Sino-Indian ties?

Due to the Indian elites' blind arrogance and confidence in their democracy, and the inferiority of its ordinary people, very few Indians are able to treat Sino-Indian relations accurately, objectively and rationally.

Dragon-elephant rivalry should be rejected

I reject this idea that China and India are natural rivals. Yes, there is competition in many areas, but that is not to be afraid of. Competition does not mean confrontation or conflict.

              Indian media reports

The Indian Express

When Mr Narendra Modi goes to China
In the case of Modi’s visit, we can expect progress on two fronts that could help expand the areas of cooperation and avoid needless conflicts. The first area is trade and investment. 

Compared with trade, investment might be more promising. 


Chinese netizens praise Modi's Weibo account
Some users invited Modi to visit their hometown, while some wondered about the prime minister's ability to speak Chinese, it said.

The Tribune

Modi makes debut on Chinese social media ahead of China visit
A social media savvy leader is well adopt at making use of Twitter back home and he is expected to step his Chinese tweets more once his visit draw close.

Officials here expect that like elsewhere in the world, Modi’s social media outreach in China was expected to enlarge and draw far bigger response.


PM Modi to visit China during May 14-16, trade expected to top agenda
Experts say Modi must bridge the deficit by seeking greater access to the Chinese market, with the two sides targeting annual bilateral trade of $100 billion this year.

Hindustan Times

China to show PM Modi that it values ties with India
A marker of how positive bilateral relations were was the way Indian media have lately reported on Sino-India relations.

              Modi says

May 6, On Twitter
Looking forward to visiting China from 14-16 May to boost friendship between our 2 ancient civilizations & 2 largest developing nations.

Honoured that Mr. Xi Jinping invited me to Xi'an in his home province & a land associated with Xuan Zang, who visited India.

In China I will visit Xi'an, Beijing and Shanghai. I eagerly await productive discussions with President Xi Jinping & Premier Li Keqiang.

I am confident my visit will lay the foundation for further enhancing economic co-operation with China in a wide range of sectors.

I also look forward to meeting the captains of industry in Shanghai & sharing with them the wonderful opportunities India has to offer.

Am certain that my visit to China will strengthen stability, progress and prosperity in Asia.

May 4, On Weibo
Hello China! Looking forward to interacting with Chinese friends through Weibo.

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