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Although India has been a key player in trade and politics in Nepal, there was a decent amount of discomfort when India decided to ban all vaccine exports for COVID-19. The commitment and help toward this humanitarian crisis will touch the lives of millions.
By Roshan Khadka and Raj Humagain | 2021/5/12 17:36:43
  • China and India can cooperate on COVID-19 fight but tensions still in air

    Considering that the current epidemic situation in India is too severe, the Modi administration will mostly focus on preventing the virus from further spreading. India will not have excess power and military resources to create conflicts on border area, since some military resources will be used to help control the epidemic.

    By Qian Feng | 2021/5/6 19:45:21
  • Severe wave in India reveals Quad's hypocrisy in combating COVID-19

    The response of Quad countries toward India's help request should sound the alarm bell for India. The US is moving close to India because of its need to contain China. Such closeness could dissipate accordingly as the US improves ties with China.

    By Zhao Gancheng | 2021/4/28 19:48:39
  • Nationalism caused new wave in India, it should avoid the mistake again

    Relying on nationalism to mobilize Indian society may cause more troubles. In fact, India's new outbreak is related to the country's rising nationalism.

    By Li Qingqing | 2021/4/28 10:59:41
  • Why some try to drive a wedge between China and Pakistan

    The time-tested China-Pakistan partnership is higher than the Himalayas, sweeter than honey and firmer than steel. Those who are jealous of Pakistan's prosperity and progress brought by such relations always want to stir up troubles.

    By Zhou Rong | 2021/4/27 19:19:33
  • Hanoi protects ties with Beijing from smears

    Political relations between the two countries are very sound, with their differences on the South China Sea under management. In this context, even if the US steps up its attempts to woo Vietnam, the South China Sea issue will not make a big wave in China-Vietnam relations.

    By Li Kaisheng | 2021/4/27 17:50:25
  • India should take sincere vaccine help, not empty Western promises

    With India suffering from the virus, Pakistan has put aside past enmity to provide aid. India should reflect on the course of its pro-US diplomacy over the years. It ought to rethink its return to strategic autonomy.

    By Lan Jianxue | 2021/4/26 19:18:40
  • Will S.China Sea issue become setback in China-EU relationship?

    By issuing a statement concerning Chinese vessels at Niu'e Jiao, the EU is behaving like a clay giant failing to bridge the gap between hope and reality. The EU should not stir up the South China Sea and sacrifice its real interests with regional countries.

    By He Zhigao | 2021/4/25 19:38:40
  • India's epidemic mirrors hypocrisy of US, West

    The US has been attempting to bind India to its anti-China chariot. But when it is about support with practical moves, the US has stepped back with its commitment to take care of Americans "first and foremost."

    By Qian Feng | 2021/4/25 17:28:32
  • Biden's South China Sea policy has Cold War currents

    Facing China's growing military strength and regional influence, the US believes resorting to the traditional strategy of relying on allies and partners is the best option for it to establish a new regional order dominated by the US.

    By Chen Xiangmiao | 2021/4/25 16:55:03
  • Australia tearing up formal Belt and Road deal has little exemplary effect

    Some Australian experts believe Canberra could have just let the Belt and Road deal lapse and not approve new agreements. But it chose to scrap the deal. This truly shows that Australia does not care about its relations with China anymore.

    By Shen Yujia | 2021/4/22 19:26:52
  • Pakistan blast underscores mutual mistrust with US for counterterrorism

    Both Afghanistan and Pakistan are vital to US' counterterrorist strategy. Some analysts believe the US has geopolitical demands in Afghanistan where the US has more counterterrorist cooperation activities than in Pakistan.

    By Zhou Rong | 2021/4/22 17:51:08
  • Be wary of India's provocation amid worsening pandemic

    The new wave has made people suspect that the Indian government's early case data may be fake - misguiding the public that the country has successfully contained the epidemic in order to lift the lockdown early.

    By Lan Jianxue | 2021/4/21 17:35:04
  • Washington the one undermining Five Eyes solidarity

    The Five Eyes is merely an intelligence-sharing alliance. The US now wants other members of the alliance to join the boycott of Huawei, as well as to take a stand on China's so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

    By Zhou Fangyin | 2021/4/20 20:48:01
  • 'Himalayan Quad' hype is Cold War mentality

    Those who see the cooperation between China, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan as a counterweight to Quad harbor a Cold War mentality. The cooperation of the four shows what real multilateralism is.

    By Lan Jianxue | 2021/4/20 18:13:00
  • Potential victimized countries can take legal action against Japan dumping radioactive waters

    In dealing with the issue of Japan's discharge of contaminated radioactive wastewater, China should timely adjust its traditional position and policy on the judicial settlement of international disputes.

    By Gao Zhiguo and Qian Jiangtao | 2021/4/19 22:38:40
  • Stance on Taiwan shows lopsided Japan-US ties

    In the long run, Japan may believe its strategic interests are closer to that of the US and containing China may seem more beneficial for Japan. Japan may only try to maintain a balance between China and the US when it is forced to do so.

    By Yuan Zheng | 2021/4/19 21:14:05
  • Don't misread rules of 'use of force' in China's Coast Guard Law

    China's Coast Guard Law is far more scientific and reasonable than those in some other countries, which allow use of force but don't specify how it will be used. China's law can avoid the abuse of force.

    By Zong Haiping | 2021/4/19 16:37:27
  • Afghanistan paid highest price for America's failed war on terror

    Instead of making irresponsible remarks, it's better for the US president to declare defeat as its campaign of war on terror was nothing but a big flop.

    By Mansoor Faizy | 2021/4/18 15:28:39
  • 'Special' relationship between Tokyo and Washington is a false proposition

    Japan needs to be careful not to fall into the trap of expressions like, "there is something special in the US-Japan relations." If Japan completely falls back on the US, it will certainly harm its relationship with China, especially economically.

    By Da Zhigang | 2021/4/14 20:13:25
  • 'Intrusion' of US warship in Indian EEZ highlights Quad's dilemma

    The US "intrusion" of Indian's EEZ is indicative. It highlights Quad has reached its ceiling and its internal contradiction is about to emerge.

    By Xie Chao | 2021/4/14 10:28:09
  • The importance of digital technologies to Uzbekistan's fight against pandemic

    Studying foreign experience in digitalization, along with other developed countries, Chinese experience is worth mentioning.

    By Shavkat Alimbekov | 2021/4/12 21:18:39
  • Will Australia interfere with NZ's China policy?

    Many countries have made an independent choice between following the US in containing China and deepening cooperation with China, in order to safeguard their vital interests.

    By Qin Sheng | 2021/4/12 18:19:19
  • Striking a balance between Russia and Quad difficult for India

    India is attempting to secure its balance between the two major military powers that are also India's old and new military partners. It may be not feasible and even leave both Russia and the US feeling unpleased.

    By Qian Feng | 2021/4/8 22:11:39
  • Japanese national interests hurt by diplomatic myopia

    Following the US' lead, Japan has been quite noisy recently in terms of China affairs. It shows that Japan suffers from diplomatic myopia and lacks foresight.

    By Da Zhigang | 2021/4/8 16:28:47
  • Chinese Coast Guard are civilized law enforcement model in South China Sea

    As China has repeatedly stressed, with the Coast Guard Law, China's maritime law-enforcement activities will be more scientific and standardized.

    By Zong Haihe | 2021/4/7 18:53:37
  • Strategically short-sighted Japan is easily enticed by short-term gains

    It remains to be seen if Japan will become the next one in the region that ties itself to the US chariot regardless of the consequences.

    By Wang Guangtao | 2021/4/6 22:53:40
  • Boarding Washington chariot will hardly bring desired benefits to New Delhi

    India can't achieve its development by getting on the US chariot. India-US proximity now is different from the rapprochement of China and the US (1972-2000). The US is using India to contain China, which squeezes India's resources for economic development.

    By Long Xingchun | 2021/4/1 16:08:39
  • NATO partnership a geopolitical trap set by Washington hawks for New Delhi

    The practicality of India's decision to become a NATO partner is almost zero.

    By Qian Feng | 2021/3/24 19:37:46
  • Ferguson and US elites lost with Taiwan falsehoods and fantasies

    Claiming losing Taiwan would be seen the end of US predominance in Indo-Pacific region, Ferguson exaggerates the significance of Taiwan. If the US has any military conflicts with China over the Taiwan question, then this would end the US predominance in the region.

    By Qing Yun | 2021/3/23 11:18:40
  • Japan juggles danger on Taiwan question

    China will never allow any other country to interfere in Taiwan question. If anyone wants to intervene, China will not hesitate to utilize all troops and arms.

    By Li Jie | 2021/3/22 19:02:05
  • Will Japan be pushed to anti-China frontline under pressure of Washington?

    Japanese netizens called Japan not to engage in “coward diplomacy” anymore when dealing with the US. If all of Japan's strategies are made in lockstep with the US, then it will have less maneuvering room in East Asia. Japan must have the guts to say no to Washington.

    By Wang Guangtao | 2021/3/21 18:48:39
  • West utterly manipulates Myanmar situation as a tool in anti-China campaign

    The West's attitude is a reflection of its hypocrisy. It upholds the banner of democracy and human rights, but casts a blind eye to how badly the Myanmar people will suffer if the situation gets even worse.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/17 21:51:32
  • Quad-plus-France drill is publicity stunt, won't strengthen loose group

    The military moves of Quad are obviously aimed at China. What China needs to do now is to improve its own military capabilities and to strengthen its comprehensive maritime combat abilities while proving to the world that a stronger Chinese navy will safeguard world peace and stability.

    By Wei Dongxu | 2021/3/16 17:34:55
  • Western countries pump up India's limp democracy in power game

    Democracy is just an excuse for these four countries when they are in conflict with each other. The Quad only has common geopolitical aims against China, not common democracy. Of course, in order to damage China's image, they will portray India's democracy as perfect. This is complete opportunism.

    By Long Xingchun | 2021/3/15 21:52:01
  • India seeking courtship with Quad a negative asset of BRICS, SCO

    India has become a negative asset of BRICS, SCO. If it continues to seek courtship with the US and Quad so proactively, it will eventually lose strategic autonomy, become the US' hatchet man against China, or even cannon fodder.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/12 16:59:47
  • Toward better management of US-China relations

    This statement calling for managed competition and greater US-China cooperation was one of Ezra Vogel's last intellectual initiatives. It was drafted by Ezra, in consultation with Wang Jisi of Peking University, but had not yet been completed at the time of Ezra's death. Robert Ross and Michael Szonyi, Ezra's colleagues at the Fairbank Center, edited his final draft for clarity and concision, while seeking to remain true to his efforts and his vision for US-China relations. It's made public as one of the ways to honor distinguished scholar Ezra Vogel.

    By Ezra Vogel | 2021/2/3 22:23:39
  • Hegemonic Washington tries to use Myanmar situation to restore global leadership

    The most urgent problem in Myanmar right now is for relevant parties concerned to sit down and have in-depth, sincere and frank talks on the issues they are facing – and reach a certain degree of compromise. However, the US never cares about what Myanmar really needs.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/3 16:08:39
  • Patience needed to fix China-US ties

    The China-US relationship is not just about the two governments. It also involves the two peoples and societies. This is what senior Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi sought to convey with his speech to a US audience on Tuesday morning Beijing time.

    By Zhu Feng | 2021/2/2 19:01:14
  • Can China and US coexist and escape Douglas Paal's forecasted dilemma?

    Neither China nor the US can contain one another's self-evolution. There is no way for the US to curb China's development. China should also pay attention to US anxiety.

    By Wang Wen | 2021/2/1 20:15:36
  • What does a new US govt mean for China-Australia ties?

    When China-US relations improve, Australia will strengthen its cooperation with China, Conversely, when China-US relations encounter challenges, Canberra adjusts its China policies to follow Washington.

    By Zhai Shilei | 2021/2/1 10:53:39
  • A world transformed explored in new book

    In his book "A World Transformed: Reflections on the International System, China and Global Development," former president of Slovenia Danilo Türk discusses how to better deal with global challenges amid great changes that are engulfing the world. What can be done to move international cooperation across all sectors to new levels of performance? What role can China play?

    By Global Times | 2021/1/31 17:43:40
  • Why 'resetting' US-Russia relations faces insurmountable challenges?

    The stability of US-Russia relations has great significance for world peace and development. Only by upholding the principle of mutual respect and win-win cooperation can countries achieve peaceful coexistence with others.

    By Gao Fei and Yu You | 2021/1/28 20:54:33
  • Paranoid US elites mistaken about China's goals

    As the gap of total GDP and overall national strength between China and the US narrows, the US has felt increasingly scared. The superpower has realized that it cannot dominate the world anymore, and the sense of decline is spreading among the US elites. Meanwhile, China is thriving and its comprehensive national strength has risen rapidly.

    By Yang Xiyu | 2021/1/28 19:43:39
  • Will Seoul be sandwiched between Washington and Beijing?

    If there is a scenario where South Korea is propelled to take sides, Seoul is not capable of coping with such a situation.

    By Wang Sheng | 2021/1/28 17:51:17
  • Why New Zealand and Australia's relations with China are cases of fire and ice?

    China and New Zealand signed a deal to upgrade their existing free trade pact on Tuesday. New Zealand has set an example for Australia in how to deal with China. We must ask: Will China-Australia relations continue to be in a frozen state?

    By Qin Sheng | 2021/1/27 20:50:50
  • India's app ban follows US tech paranoia

    India's unwise move of banning 59 Chinese apps permanently will make Chinese enterprises think twice about the Indian government's ability to really abide by international law.

    By Long Xingchun | 2021/1/27 20:09:13
  • Kiwis make wise moves with China trade deal as Aussies watch

    In contrast to the hysterical block of Huawei's 5G of US, Australia and other countries, New Zealand has always maintained a sober position and refused to follow suit. This stance is rooted from historical tradition.

    By Shen Yujia | 2021/1/27 18:53:39
  • Doubtful US will embrace real multilateralism

    The multilateralism advocated by the US, as well as some other Western countries such as the UK, is one among an alliance of “democratic countries.” It's not genuine multilateralism, but a repetition of the old-time Cold War ideology.

    By Gao Jian & Su Hao | 2021/1/26 21:56:21
  • Hard for US to integrate Japan, South Korea into a full military alliance

    The US' goals now are to establish a trilateral or multilateral military alliance system in East Asia with Washington at the center. But can the US fix ties with Japan and South Korea and tighten their military bonds?

    By Wei Dongxu | 2021/1/26 21:00:41
  • Morrison should learn from past for China reset

    Given the complementarity between China and Australia and the significance of the bilateral relations to each country, it's never too late to start on resetting the ties.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/26 13:48:40
  • Mike Pompeo's doomsday madness

    Facts speak louder than words. Xinjiang has witnessed earthshaking changes in recent years, with unprecedented achievements in socio-economic development.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/25 20:58:39
  • Australia needs to break out of US tech and security domination

    The latest conflict between the Australian government and US tech giants is quite representative. In the digital era, due to the rapid development of internet technology and the lack of relevant laws, internet giants are able to control substantial quantities of sensitive information and personal data across the world.

    By Xu Shanpin & Yu Lei | 2021/1/25 18:48:39
  • National Congress of the Communist Party of Vietnam to keep growth momentum

    The year 2020 marked the 90th founding anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV). Vietnam has realized major achievements in pandemic prevention and economic stabilization.

    By Li Jiangang | 2021/1/24 23:17:35
  • Will Biden return to old pivot and security plan in East Asia?

    The China strategy of the Biden administration is unlikely to change fundamentally from the former Obama “pivot” strategy or certain elements set in motion under Trump.

    By Song Wei | 2021/1/24 17:14:04
  • US faces both better and worse odds

    The theme for Biden's inauguration was "America United." But the result from signing this order will be a further political and social division in the US, which will go against the "America United" slogan.

    By Robert Lawrence Kuhn & Shen Yi | 2021/1/21 19:23:39
  • Will specter of Trumpism haunt Morrison?

    Because of Morrison's opportunism and adventurism, he completely bets on the US, plunging China-Australia relations to unprecedented low ebb.Morrison and his administration should take full responsibility for the current deadlock of China-Australia relations.

    By Chen Hong | 2021/1/20 20:39:29
  • Is India led astray by radical scholars?

    With India's national strength, it cannot win in a war to oppose China. India needs to think this matter over: What benefits will it get if it collaborates with the US to create troubles for China?

    By Liu Zongyi | 2021/1/20 12:29:39
  • China-Philippines ties can overcome US factor

    Washington is a factor which cannot be neglected in terms of Beijing's relationship with Manila. The US has been the only military ally of the Philippines, which is deeply influenced by the former in terms of politics and culture.

    By Xu Liping | 2021/1/19 19:38:39
  • Does Brahma Chellaney speak for Indian or American interests?

    If the Indian government follows Chellaney's advice and changes its position on the Tibet question, such as refusing to recognize that Tibet is part of China, then China may as well not recognize Sikkim as part of India. China could even change its neutral attitude on the Kashmir issue. China can absolutely take advantage of India's own problems, such as the armed separatist factions in Northeast India.

    By Long Xingchun | 2021/1/15 23:07:54
  • Five Eyes not as solid as it may look like

    All members of the Five Eyes will keep coordinating with one another in the future. But in cases of specific issues, they will hold their own positions.

    By Xu Shanpin | 2021/1/14 15:27:21
  • When Fiji is in need, China is always there to help

    From the perspective of a person living in Fiji, China's help and support is everywhere. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19epidemic, China has done its best to help the South Pacific island countries.

    By Michael H. Yang | 2021/1/11 17:38:40
  • Beyond polls: How do Chinese and Japanese view each other?

    Some surveys carried out in late 2020 showed different public opinions among Chinese and Japanese people toward each other. How do Chinese and Japanese view each other? Why was there such a big difference between the two people's perception?

    By Global Times | 2021/1/7 20:00:14
  • Will China-India relations see a turnaround in 2021?

    It is foreseeable that China-India relations will stay at a comparatively low level for a long period of time into the year 2021. India's moves have harmed the Indo-Pacific region overall and particularly with regional post-pandemic era recovery.

    By Qian Feng | 2021/1/5 11:23:39
  • Japan's domestic obstacles limit its chances with Five Eyes alliance

    As to whether Japan will formally join the Five Eyes alliance, I think Japan is strong in will but weak in capability.

    By Wang Guangtao | 2021/1/3 16:14:22
  • BRI, RCEP best solution for South Asia and Southeast Asia recovery

    Under the circumstances that regional cooperation in South Asia is facing difficulties, BRI and RCEP provide such a great chance to accommodate regional cooperation in both South Asia and Southeast Asia.

    By Lu Yang | 2020/12/23 19:38:40
  • New Delhi's moves with Hanoi on S. China Sea won't make waves

    We can see that India will not give up its hope of counterbalancing China by playing the South China Sea card. Nonetheless, New Delhi has little discourse power on this issue. And its maneuvers are unlikely to make any waves.

    By Liu Zongyi | 2020/12/22 23:55:43
  • Suga's military spending hike a pushy gambit

    Japan cannot develop comprehensive combat capabilities without the assistance of the US. Therefore, in the very long term, Tokyo will need to keep Washington close as a military ally and partner.

    By Song Zhongping | 2020/12/22 22:37:29
  • Can Australian products find an alternative market to bypass China?

    With the current global recession, where is Australia going to find such a big buyer? The US, Europe, India or Russia? Who can replace China when it comes to education, lobster, red wine, coal and other export sectors? Verrender also knows that it will take years or even decades for Australian exporters to secure new markets. Can the Australian economy wait for years or decades?

    By Su Tiping | 2020/12/20 18:03:39
  • India changes attitude toward multilateral mechanisms for its global ambition

    India's mentality toward multilateral mechanisms has been changing. The trend is particularly obvious this year.

    By Hu Shisheng | 2020/12/17 15:33:39
  • True nature of Australia seems ironic in its own media

    Australia's China policy is actually following in the footsteps of the US, but Canberra refuses to admit to it. In a self-deceiving way, the Morrison administration has always emphasized that, “we will always be Australia.”

    By Mu Lu | 2020/12/17 11:53:40
  • Will Canberra continue to explore the bottom line of China-Australia relations?

    If Australia goes further in the South China Sea or with other military and security matters, it will be more difficult for Canberra to stop downward spiral of bilateral relations with Beijing.

    By Tian Jingling | 2020/12/16 16:38:40
  • Canberra shows loyalty to US by checking China

    To avoid a possible weakening of Australia-US alliance, Canberra is eager to express its strategic loyalty, value and will to Washington by checking and balancing China at every turn –even to its own economic detriment.

    By Xu Shanpin | 2020/12/14 16:38:41
  • China-Singapore adept at turning crises into wins amid global changes

    China and Singpore are capable of turning crises into opportunities amid profound global changes. Working together, the two countries can take their relations forward for the next 30 years and beyond.

    By Xu Liping | 2020/12/13 18:03:41
  • Why India-Aussie trade talks have petered out

    The attempts by Australia and India to reach a trade deal is only of “symbolic” significance, with limited pragmatic effects. Even if the two countries eventually sign a free trade deal, it will be still very difficult for Australia to make up its losses in the China market.

    By Qian Feng | 2020/12/12 19:58:40
  • Pakistan sees new path of potential balance with Biden administration

    As for China, despite the current China-US confrontation, Pakistan's cooperation with the US will not have much difference on its special relationship with China. China is particularly important to Pakistan's development strategy. Everyone knows that Pakistan will continue to comprehensively strengthen cooperation with China. It is even possible for Beijing, Islamabad and Washington to have constructive dialogues and cooperative measures to confront terrorism in the future.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/10 15:43:40
  • Give burial at sea to South China Sea Arbitration ruling

    In an objective, fair and neutral third-party perspective that employs rigorous juristic analysis, the Critique presents a comprehensive and systematic refutation of many fallacies and flaws in the award made by the Arbitral Tribunal in the Matter of the South China Sea Arbitration (hereinafter referred to as the Tribunal) in terms of legal interpretation and application, evidence admissibility and fact-finding.

    By Wu Shicun | 2020/12/10 13:23:40
  • NATO should probe war crimes if it cares about human rights in Afghanistan

    It is hoped that the Australia's investigations of war crimes will be a step forward for justice and that the war criminals will be prosecuted accordingly. The US and Britain also should probe war crimes by their soldiers in Afghanistan, and bring those criminals to justice.

    By Hujjatullah Zia | 2020/12/9 14:40:33
  • India eager to drive a wedge between China, Myanmar

    India has always had a victimized mind-set, worrying that its interests will be hurt by China.

    By Long Xingchun | 2020/12/8 21:53:40
  • Canberra's megaphone diplomacy yells for US

    Sharp criticism against China has become a sign of political correctness in the political and media outlet circles in Australia. Yet these disparaging and empty words are both incorrect and lack substantial evidence.

    By Chen Hong | 2020/12/8 18:33:41
  • 'Microphone diplomacy' no help to Australia's national interests

    Friendship between China and Australia is still in the common interests of the two countries. If the Morrison government can truly take a long-term view, seek common ground while reserving differences, reduce speculation and arrogance, and be more sincere and peaceful in its contacts with China, it may find that it is not so difficult to reset China-Australia relations.

    By Guo Chunmei | 2020/12/7 16:18:40
  • Aussies in vise of US China strategy

    Countries who are not tied to the US chariot, such as most developing countries in the world, have no anxieties of a “vise” when dealing with China. In fact, not taking sides between China and the US gives them more freedom of choice.

    By Su Xiaohui | 2020/12/6 16:23:41
  • Has Australia misjudged US capability to interfere in Asia?

    Taking sides with the US over China has cost Australia valuable diplomatic flexibility. Australia has been smashed between two rocks instead of milking both sides.

    By Xu Shanpin | 2020/12/3 15:13:40
  • India ridiculous to clamor about China-Pakistan MOU

    India will eventually find that there is no room for its mentality of striving for sphere of influence to survive. Such logic will not be acceptable to any other country in this era.

    By Lan Jianxue | 2020/12/2 19:29:24
  • Why 'Asian Era' will be globally embraced

    The “Asian Era” has started and will for sure have its ultimate arrival in the annals of history.

    By Wang Wen | 2020/11/30 15:03:40
  • RCEP, CPTPP and the Asian Century

    We are thus witnessing the return, in full regalia, of the Asia Pacific to the center of world affairs. If China were to join the TPP11, and we could look at the possibility of a merger between the RCEP and the TPP11, that would be a real game-changer. It would certainly move us further along to what Kishore Mahbubani has referred to as the Asian Century.

    By Jorge Heine | 2020/11/26 16:48:40
  • Can enfeebled Washington still dominate Asia's configuration?

    America may find it more and more difficult to take charge of Asia. Looking ahead, Asia is more likely to enter a multi-polar era rather than a bipolar system of confrontation between China and the US — let alone a unipolar system in which China replaces America.

    By Ling Shengli | 2020/11/24 17:13:41
  • FM Wang's Japan trip seeks certainty amid uncertainty

    Ongoing strife in America and new trade deals in Asia mean Wang's trip to Japan is of great importance and is necessary.

    By Wang Guangtao | 2020/11/23 13:18:40
  • Biden cannot eradicate Trump's toxic legacy

    Under Biden, we may see a more active US at multilateral diplomatic activities held by ASEAN. But it will not be easy for Biden to completely eliminate Trump's negative “legacy.”

    By Zha Wen | 2020/11/22 13:13:24
  • Restoration of US influence in Asia-Pacific faces constraints

    The US government under President Donald Trump's "America First" policy, has shirked its responsibility to provide international public goods, and has even failed to fulfill its obligations to allies. This kind of pure "realpolitik" has brought it widespread criticism from the international community, and damaged its soft power and global influence.

    By Song Wei | 2020/11/21 15:47:51
  • We should jointly build an inclusive security architecture in Asia

    Since the end of World War II, the US has influenced Asia. But more recently, Washington has been absent from important Asia-Pacific regional economic deals, such as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership and the just sealed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). US' absence clearly illustrates that Asia is developing toward multi-polarity.

    By Yang Xiyu | 2020/11/21 12:42:24
  • India needs to stop hurting itself and others, return to reason

    The Modi government needs to listen more to these rational and objective voices and do more to restore the Chinese investors' confidence. It is still not too late to remedy this situation.

    By Qian Feng | 2020/11/20 16:48:40
  • Aussie joins US crusade against China but receives only hollow praise

    By throwing itself into the role of US' deputy sheriff, Australia has been pointlessly sacrificing its own national interests with no tangible gains in return.

    By Chen Hong | 2020/11/19 15:13:40
  • Japan, Australia continue to pursue containment of China despite RCEP

    Facing quasi-alliance between Japan and Australia, China should enhance its ability of counterattacking and stay alert for the possible threat that the quasi-alliance might bring.

    By Da Zhigang | 2020/11/18 21:26:47
  • Japan needs to double down with RCEP

    As a country that lives off trade, Japan sometimes fails to guard its economic interests from irrelevant considerations. But the RCEP is just a trade arrangement.

    By Jiao Kun | 2020/11/15 21:36:56
  • New Delhi's ambivalent attitude toward RCEP

    As a rising power, India should think about its role and the long-term development in Asia and beyond. This should be the attitude for India to develop its economy and diplomacy in a steadfast manner.

    By Huang Dekai | 2020/11/12 21:33:40
  • Biden drives a wedge between China and Japan in first call with Suga

    The improvement in China-Japan ties does not come easily, and needs to be cherished more. It is hoped that the two countries can meet each other halfway and properly handle their divergences so as to open up new vistas of their bilateral relationship.

    By Chen Yang | 2020/11/12 18:33:40
  • Myanmar election lays bare indifferent relations with West

    Many Myanmar people's favorable impression toward the West began to decline.

    By Bi Shihong | 2020/11/12 17:08:40
  • Tokyo, Canberra won't sacrifice core interests for security cooperation

    After Suga took office, Japan-Australia security cooperation has continued to move forward. Many analysts think the upcoming summit between Suga and Morrison will likely see a stronger consensus between the two for further security cooperation. However, such cooperation is more of political significance.

    By Li Shuo | 2020/11/11 20:38:40
  • Anti-China moves in neighboring countries need more diplomatic attention

    Biden coming into power no doubt offers China an opportunity to consider adjusting its diplomatic strategy.

    By Lin Minwang | 2020/11/10 13:33:40
  • Issues of human rights, religion likely to emerge in future India-US ties

    It is within the realm of possibility to forecast that US-India relations may suffer severe strains in the future based on past tensions between the two over the past 20 years. Even with recent military cooperation, there are no guarantees of long term resolve.

    By Qian Feng | 2020/11/9 19:27:26