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Supposed 'patriotic thieves' not the real threat to China

 More than 30 years of reform and opening-up in China have created many development miracles. Of course, rapid development has brought about a series of problems, some of which are very serious, including corruption and unfair distribution of income. But the strangest thing is that some people feel guilty about patriotism and are proud of wanting to lead foreign countries to invade our motherland.
Source: Global Times | 2011/7/12 22:34:03

Rabid nationalists care more about profits than patriotism

In 2002-03, several scholars and I proposed some new ideas about China's relationship with Japan. We hoped to promote original thoughts on dealing with the Sino-Japanese relations to develop good neighborhood ties based on China's long-term benefits. New ideas often trigger controversy after they are proposed, and we expected some response.
Source: Global Times | 2011/7/12 22:24:00

Gun-worship sits uneasily with China's 'peaceful rise'

China is full of doves. When challenged about the country’s direction, “China’s peaceful rise” leaps easily to official’s tongues, a term first coined in 2003.
Source: Global Times | 2011/7/5 19:07:06

Foreign paranoia generates senseless fears of toy guns

Every move of China’s military build-up, whether the plan to build aircraft carrier or a new model of submarine, would spark another round of “China threat” outcry from a group of grumpy countries.
Source: Global Times | 2011/7/5 19:06:23

Media libels a matter for civil courts, not officials

If the Ministry of Health really wants to help individuals or companies targeted by yellow journalism, it should provide legal aid and help them fight their case in a civil court.
Source: Global Times | 2011/6/23 20:07:51

Journalists' hard work deserves respect, not threat

Like other sectors in China's era of transformation, journalists are trying to fit into their new role, and they deserve a little bit more dignity.
Source: Global Times | 2011/6/23 20:06:16

An open government does not need a mask

Source: Global Times | 2011/5/30 16:22:21