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Ambiguity helpful in S.China Sea disputes

Recent years have seen increasing wrestling, both overt and covert, around the South China Sea disputes. With the US moving out of shadows into the spotlight, the tension between Beijing and Washington exacerbates.
Source: Global Times | 2016/4/14 20:58:01

Beijing has case for 'historic rights' at sea

It is equally erroneous on the part of Manila and Washington to claim that from a procedural standpoint the UNCLOS is comprehensive in scope and that Beijing cannot derogate from the Convention's provisions on such matters by claiming “historic rights” under a separate head of general international law.
Source: Global Times | 2016/3/10 23:18:02

Obama raises S.China Sea tensions to consolidate diplomatic legacy

Countries sincerely hoping for peace do not want to see this. What about the US?
Source: Global Times | 2016/3/9 23:53:01

Japan's S.China Sea policy lacks foundation

On the part of Beijing, Japan is not a claimant of the South China Sea, hence its frequent meddling in the region undoubtedly exposes its malevolence.
Source: Global Times | 2016/3/7 0:08:02

No more ship-grounding tricks allowed in South China Sea

The Chinese foreign ministry confirmed Wednesday that China had towed away a foreign ship that was grounded on Wufang Jiao in the South China Sea. For safety concerns, China urged nearby fishing ships to leave.
Source: Global Times | 2016/3/2 22:36:01

US sea meddling makes trouble for itself

The US, a nation that aspires to defend its global leadership amid economic and strategic transformation, is unwilling to pay much of a price.
Source: Global Times | 2016/2/28 23:23:01

S.China Sea patrols bring no benefit to India

If New Delhi chooses to follow in the US footsteps, it means the country is taking part in US “pivot to Asia” strategy and adopting a major strategic shift.
Source: Global Times | 2016/2/25 21:28:01

US advances rebalance strategy by provoking Hanoi over Xisha

The recent two provocations in the Xisha Islands is an attempt by the White House to instigate Beijing-Hanoi tensions.
Source: Global Times | 2016/2/23 22:03:01

US must restrain from militarizing sea

What does the US want?
Source: Global Times | 2016/2/22 19:08:01

Military factors injected by US provocation in the South China Sea

The US, an outsider, has injected the most military elements in the region.
Source: Global Times | 2016/2/18 0:33:01

Tribunal's award in Philippines' case turns blind eye to facts

Today I will comment on the Award concerning the Philippines' remaining Submissions 8-9, 12 and 14.
Source: Global Times | 2016/1/20 19:38:02

No dispute over China's historical rights

No matter what happens, the fundamental problem remains. No dispute can be reflected by the Philippines' (but not the Tribunal's) Submission 5, which should have been barred from entering the merits phase. According to the non ultra petita principle declared by the ICJ in the Asylum Case the Tribunal has a duty to abstain from deciding points not included in the submission.
Source: Global Times | 2016/1/19 22:08:01

Sovereignty issues invalidate award

Obviously, no matter whether Ren'ai Jiao itself within Nansha Islands is a rock or an LTE, what happens there is a matter of sovereignty, the condition under Article 297(1)(c) is unfulfilled. It is unjustified for the Tribunal to take jurisdiction over submission 11 concerning the environmental issue occurring in Ren'ai Jiao, even if considered an LTE.
Source: Global Times | 2016/1/15 0:12:30

Jurisdiction award in S.China Sea case wrong

Based on the foregoing, the Tribunal is advised to declare in the award on merits that, upon further examination, no dispute can be crystallized by the formulation of Philippines' submissions 3-4 and 6-7, and thus bravely end the embarrassment and a process started erroneously.
Source: Global Times | 2016/1/13 0:08:01

US provocations serve multiple purposes

The US flexes its muscles against China at this time for some purposes.
Source: Global Times | 2016/2/1 19:18:01

South China Sea will determine how close Hanoi gets to Washington

Hanoi is also clear that it is impossible to counterbalance one country by entirely depending on another. This is the lesson it has already learned from history.
Source: Global Times | 2016/1/5 19:33:05

Hyping up airfield disrupts peace in S.China Sea

China has reiterated that the newly built reefs and islands are mainly for civilian use. Instead of drawing support from external powers, the regional nations might wait and see whether China will keep its word.
Source: Global Times | 2016/1/6 23:58:01

S.China Sea airfield will boost navigation safety, aid maritime research

China has always upheld and practiced a policy of peace and development. The airfield shouldn't be a cause of concern for anybody.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/1/10 21:48:58