Publisher denies axing Cultural Revolution chapter from school textbooks
Published: Jan 11, 2018 12:03 AM
People's Education Press on Wednesday refuted rumors that the chapter on Cultural Revolution was deleted from eighth-grade history textbooks, saying the contents would be included in the spring semester textbook, to be published in March.

 "Someone posted online claiming the new history textbook will delete the chapter on Cultural Revolution which drew attention from internet users. The situation is that the second volume of the national history textbook for the eighth grade will teach the Cultural Revolution as a main theme in a chapter called 'arduous exploration and development achievement.' The textbook will be put into use in the spring semester in March," read a statement released by People's Education Press late on Wednesday.

Net user jiangshitang released a post on his Sina Weibo on Wednesday claiming that the new edition history textbook would delete the Cultural Revolution.

The post was deleted as of press time.

The post triggered heated discussions among net users with some commenting that"the historical lessons should not be forgotten."

The statement said the arrangements were in accordance with the new writing style. The Cultural Revolution is divided into six parts including the background, procedure and damage. The second part noted the shock to some Communist Party institutions including the struggle and suffering of large groups of Party leaders and scholars. And the sixth part mentioned the enormous losses for society.

"We appreciate the public concern about the national history textbooks. We have opened a platform on our website to collect public opinions and their suggestions for the textbooks for primary and middle schools. We will give an accurate reply to people's questions if you contact us," the statement read.

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