North Korea could take initiative in joining international community
Published: May 25, 2018 01:22 PM
The situation on the Korean Peninsula seems to be at a dead end.

What US President Donald Trump wants is North Korea's sincere abandonment of its nuclear weapons, not only as a promise, but also as an actual, irreversible action, and to have the denuclearization process closely monitored. What North Korea wants is its security, and its worry is whatever it does will not satisfy the US' demands. North Korea worries that the US' ultimate goal is a regime change.

Trump's asking price is very high, and it is not clear what he will give to North Korea; at least, he hasn't stated anything substantial. In fact, when North Korea's security and the denuclearization are both to the standards of what the US wants, or at least controlled by the White House, the scales are not balanced in North Korea's favor.

However, if you take a step back, you may see a brighter future. If North Korea unwaveringly abandons its nuclear program, can the international community provide North Korea with security? If so, Trump's meeting with Kim is less critical.

The next question that will inevitably arise will be the issue of South Korea and the US, that is, how, or when, will US military troops withdraw, so as to allow the Korean Peninsula to begin a comprehensive peace arrangement.

We do not believe the US will dare to launch a war against or subvert North Korea once North Korea reaches a specific agreement with the international community and begins the process of denuclearization. At the same time, once the denuclearization starts, the United States will have no reason to impose sanctions.

Peace on the peninsula is only possible if the denuclearization and the withdrawal of US troops happen at the same time.

Therefore, North Korea's nuclear issue must be solved through four goals: first, denuclearization; second, the withdrawal of the US military; third, the unification of the two Koreas; and fourth, the permanent neutrality of Korea after the Korean reunification. The four goals should be reached simultaneously in a package arrangement.

Such an arrangement will certainly not exclude the United States, but might gradually weaken the dominance of the United States. The facts have shown that the security of the peninsula is dominated by the US, and as a result may never be able to "reach a beneficial solution."

Only with the participation of the international community and using common agendas can North Korea achieve a new balance.

Of course, it requires that the North Korean leader sees the overall situation and takes the initiative. On the surface, North Korea seems to be compromising, and this will lead to a positive result and help North Korea get out of its current difficulties to win the international communities' support and let a more solid foundation for its future development.