China summons US embassy official to protest against Xinjiang bill
Published: Dec 04, 2019 07:40 PM

Photo:Cui Meng/GT

Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday summoned William Klein, Minister Counselor at the US embassy in Beijing, to lodge strong protest against the US House passing a Xinjiang bill.  

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Qin Gang summoned Klein on Wednesday and lodged solemn representation against the so called "Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019," urging the US to correct its wrongdoing and stop interfering in China's domestic affairs.

Qin said Xinjiang is part of China and Xinjiang affairs are purely domestic affairs that allow no foreign interference.

The US distorted facts about China's counter-terrorism and de-extremism efforts in Xinjiang; which reflects the former's "double standard" in dealing with counter-terrorism, and seriously violates international law and basic norms governing international relations,

China expressed strong indignation and opposition against the US which wantonly interferes in China's domestic affairs and sides itself with the wrong side. 

Qin stressed that China will unswerving safeguard its national sovereignty, security and development interests. Any attempt to sow discord among various ethnic groups in China, undermine Xinjiang's prosperity and stability, and contain China's development and progress is doomed to fail. 

China strongly urges the US to immediately correct its mistakes, abandon double standards on anti-terrorism, prevent the aforementioned Xinjiang-related bills from becoming law, and stop using Xinjiang-related issues to interfere in China's internal affairs. China will make further reactions according to how the situation develops.