First Chinese robot deployed on OLED production line
Published: Dec 09, 2019 11:42 AM

SCARA material-handling robots, designed and developed by Chinese company Siasun Robots & Automation, became the first Chinese robots on the OLED material production line, according to a report by the Science and Technology Daily on Monday.

OLED panels are lighter and more flexible than the LCD panels, and can be used in digital devices including high-end television and smartphones. However, their production requires robots to perform precise operations. According to the report, SCARA robots are designed with the capacity to automatically correct alignment and report data. They are also able to identify the complicated positioning of different devices and adjust their rotations accordingly in real time.

According to the Global Material Handling Robots Market report for 2019 published by the market research company Market Research Store, Chinese companies are now among the leading players in the global market. Alongside established robot makers such as KUKA from Germany and ABB from Switzerland, Chinese companies including Siasun, Anhui EFORT Intelligent Equipment, Estun Automation, Guangzhou CNC Equipment and STEP Electric Corporation also made the cut.

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