Chinese Embassy slams Der Spiegel over ‘Coronavirus made in China’ front page
Published: Feb 02, 2020 04:08 PM

Photo: screenshot of the website of Der Spiegel

The Chinese Embassy in Germany expressed strong criticism of German news magazine Der Spiegel for causing panic and radical discrimination over its "coronavirus made in China" front page picture. 

The Saturday publication of Der Spiegel features a man wearing a red hoody, protective masks, goggles and earphones, with a giant headline "Coronavirus made in China." 

"Releasing such a picture does nothing to the outbreak, but only causes panic, mutual blaming and even radical discrimination. We despise such a move," the Chinese embassy said on its official website. 

The embassy said global challenges need to be addressed globally, and that German media shares the same responsibility as everyone.

As of Sunday morning, 14,380 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in China. The virus has left 304 dead, while 328 people have been cured and discharged from hospital. 

China is making every effort to prevent and control the novel coronavirus, and has taken firm measures to resolutely fight the epidemic, the embassy said. China thanks the international community, including Germany, for its support and assistance in fighting the epidemic.

China will continue to prioritize the life and physical health of all Chinese and foreign personnel in Wuhan, said the embassy. 

A few days ago, two Australian media outlets also drew the ire of Chinese people for using headlines and highlighting characters on their front pages which labeled the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia as a "Chinese virus" and hyped up fears. 

Global Times