Taiwan's green camp shows narrow-mindedness by targeting virus fight song
Published: Apr 07, 2020 05:06 PM

Jolin Tsai Photo: IC

"Fight as One," a song jointly sang by Eason Chan from Hong Kong and Jolin Tsai from Taiwan, has been targeted by the island's green camp media, which supports the secessionist government, and some overly sensitive people on the island. The song, produced by Yunnan Media Group and a production team including members from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, is an ode that aims only to encourage people to fight together to contain COVID-19. Its aim is to inspire people to overcome the disaster and embrace a bright future.

How did Jolin Tsai become a thorn in the eyes of the green camp for recording a charity song about the virus fight? The green camp is somehow dismayed that a photo in the music video features images of doctors did not include doctors from Taiwan. The video also shows some young kids hold a drawing board with the word "China," and this too has been deemed unacceptable to the green camp. 

The secessionist forces in Taiwan are shamelessly seeking personal gain. They view the song, which calls for solidarity in the global pandemic fight, from the narrow-minded perspective of "Taiwan independence" and have immediately labeled it "political incorrect."

When people on the mainland talk about being united against the pandemic, entanglement across the straits rarely comes to mind, if ever. It's obvious that Yunnan Media Group teamed up with the stars to increase the popularity of the song. The producers had no intention of targeting Taiwan. 

Cross-Straits ties have nothing to do with the theme of the song and there is nothing wrong with using a photo meant to picture worldwide solidarity in the virus fight. For the green camp, the first thing that came to their mind is where is Taiwan? Has Taiwan been somehow dwarfed? This knee-jerk response is unbecoming.  

I sincerely encourage people in Taiwan's green camp to be more broad-minded. Mainlanders are not complicated. We go straight to the thing we want to accomplish; we have no ulterior motive or plan to trap others. Some people in the green camp in Taiwan are far too sensitive and hysterical.  

The attack on Jolin by the green camp will likely make her feel uncomfortable and concerned. People everywhere else will like the song, because it expresses the shared emotions of all people and conveys their goodwill of mutual support. There is no reason for people to dislike the heartfelt tune. 

Those in the green camp who oppose the song should feel ashamed of themselves. They need to broaden their horizon and open their mind and keep pace with the world. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn