China could nonchalantly shrug Western, US idiocies
Published: May 09, 2020 01:22 PM

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

Some US Republican senators proposed to rename the street in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington DC after late Chinese ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, purported to embarrass China. 

Years ago, the US Senate had approved a bill to rename the same street as "Liu Xiaobo Plaza," but then President Barack Obama vetoed the bill.

I think that if some American politicians are fond of doing such things, let them go ahead. We Chinese should take it as a farce. We do not have to attach any seriousness to such nonsensical acts aimed to humiliate us; especially, there is no need to use diplomatic resources to deal with this. 

The proposal is unlikely to succeed. But even if it does, it doesn't mean a ton. It will only display how filthy those senators are. Some US politicians like to play such senseless tricks with China, and their political system allows their posturing. If we respond with any seriousness, those politicians will have felt their insidious pursuit is fulfilled. 

China needs to adopt an indifferent attitude to the idiocies of the US government and a couple of its diehard supporters. Their political system determines that many politicians have a big mouth. So, how can they be kind to China in rhetoric? 

The more we care, the farther they will go. Therefore, we must nonchalantly shrug their absurdity. 

But this doesn't mean we will not respond to the West's groundless accusations. The point is such stigmatization doesn't deserve China's diplomatic resources. Recently, a few Western media outlets and politicians have intentionally accused China is putting pressure on their countries. Such accusations can spark even more hatred.

Some Western media is declining. Looking at the perpetual tussle between the US media and President Donald Trump, we realize that although most mainstream and responsible US media outlets are "firing at" their president, they cannot even hurt his hair. Many Chinese people actually overrate western media.

Many Western media outlets are busy finding China's fault. Nonetheless, instead of trying to change their mindset, we should rather adapt to the world in which a stronger China is bound to face many slanders.

PS: I personally recommend renaming Times Square to "Liu Xiaobo Plaza;" the Mississippi River to "East Turkistan River;" and the White House to "Dalai Lama House."

The author is editor-in-chief with the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn

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