EU measures restricting exports to HK a 'wrong' move: Chinese Mission to the EU
Published: Jul 29, 2020 09:42 AM

Police are on duty at the European Quarter in Brussels, Belgium, July 19, 2020.  (Xinhua/Zheng Huansong)

The Chinese Mission to the EU on Wednesday opposed EU's "wrong" move of setting out measures restricting exports to Hong Kong and urged the EU to respect China's decision to adopt the national security law for Hong Kong.

China is firmly against the EU's wrong moves and has made serious representations with the EU, said the spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the EU in a statement on Wednesday.

The Council of the EU on Tuesday agreed to a package of measures, including the restriction of exports of specific sensitive equipment and technologies to Hong Kong, as a response to the national security legislation for Hong Kong, media reports said.

The Chinese spokesperson said it is the Chinese people, notably the Hong Kong people, who are in the best position to tell if the "One Country, Two Systems" has been well implemented or not, rather than the EU.

The vast majority of Hong Kong residents are of the view that the national security law will contribute to the protection of their rights and to the maintenance of long-term prosperity and stability in Hong Kong, the spokesperson said in the statement. 

"We urge the EU to truly respect China's position on safeguarding national security in Hong Kong and to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs in any way," the spokesperson said.