Absurd for Trump to assume China wants to ‘own’ US
Published: Aug 10, 2020 11:28 PM

US President Donald Trump speaks during a Coronavirus Task Force press briefing at the White House in Washington, DC, on April 19. Photo: AFP

 US President Donald Trump insisted that neither China nor Russia wants him to be reelected at a press conference on Friday night, in response to reports about foreign interference in the November election. He also launched attacks on his rival Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, claiming if Biden was president, China would "own" the US. 

The US presidential race has become a contest of which candidate will be tougher on China. With less than three months to go before the November election, at a time when recent polls show Biden with a significant advantage, Trump hopes to boost approval rating by accusing his rival of being a tool of China to "own" the US.  

Some media outlets interpreted Trump's remarks as the Biden presidency will help China "rule" the US. Be it "own" or "rule," it shows the US is assuming China will seek to dominate other countries as the US has done. This is absurd. 

The US aspires to "own" or "rule" other countries by fostering pro-America regimes, China has never had the same colonial mentality, and China has no intention of interfering in other countries' domestic affairs. China pursues independent policy, and will never try to impose its will on other countries. 

It's ridiculous for the US to assume China will try to "rule" the US just because the US is doing this in other countries. Such a mentality will poison international relations. China never acts in the US-styled hegemonic way.   

It's clear to the Chinese people that no matter who assumes office, the trend that the US will get increasingly tough on China won't be changed, and the US crackdown on China won't be alleviated. Therefore, it makes little difference to Chinese people whoever wins. 

But what concerns China is the lies and accusations against China fabricated by US politicians in order to win votes will mislead Americans, who do not understand China and have difficulty telling right from wrong when it comes to issues related to China.  

It's nothing new that China-related topics will be hyped in an election year in the US. US presidential candidates want to use China as a gimmick to attract attention and votes. 

Trump's remarks were ridiculed on Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo, with netizens mocking how vulnerable the US has become, and how easily it can be "owned" by others. Besides, as a netizen mocked, what's the value of a chaotic, problem-ridden US for China to "own?"

No matter how hard they try to throw mud at China, it wouldn't cause a substantial impact on China. China's development depends on its firm insistence on the path of reform and opening-up, and the diligent work of the Chinese people. China will never pin its development on the policy change of a new US president.   

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