17 die in restaurant collapse in North China’s Shanxi
Published: Aug 29, 2020 09:56 PM

Photo taken on Aug. 29, 2020 shows the rescue site of the collapsed restaurant in Xiangfen County of Linfen City, north China's Shanxi Province.Photo:Xinhua

Seventeen people have died and 7 are seriously injured as of 7 pm Saturday in a restaurant collapse accident that took place in North China's Shanxi Province at 9:40 am on Saturday. The reason for the collapse is yet to be revealed.

A total of 45 people have been rescued from the collapse site with 17 of them pronounced dead and seven seriously injured. Another 21 people suffered light injuries, according to media reports. The rescue operation is still ongoing. 

The State Council, China’s cabinet, decided to supervise the investigation of the accident on Saturday, urging the Shanxi provincial government to learn lessons from the tragedy and stick to the safety of people’s lives as its utmost principle. It also urged the safety of production and development to prevent major fatal accidents in the future.

Eight working teams were established to handle the emergency and 840 rescue personnel were dispatched, together with over 20 special vehicles. More than 100 medical workers and 15 ambulances were participating in the rescue.

It has been reported that a banquet was held in the two-story restaurant in Linfen city when the tragedy took place. The collapse first began on the first floor. Details of the victims are not known.