Tsai authorities deserve a stern warning from Beijing: Global Times editorial
Published: Aug 31, 2020 09:58 PM

Illustration: Xia Qing/GT

The South China Sea Probing Initiative on Monday spotted the abnormal path of a US Navy EP-3E reconnaissance aircraft, which was suspected of taking off from Taiwan island. The island's authorities haven't confirmed or denied it. 

If the island has made arrangements of take-offs and landings of US military jets, it is crossing the Chinese mainland's redline to safeguard national unity. This will be very serious. If the mainland has conclusive evidence, it can destroy the relevant airport in the island and the US military aircraft that land there - a war in the Taiwan Straits will thus begin.

We need to warn Tsai Ing-wen authorities and Washington again: Don't play with fire. The Chinese mainland is resolute in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We don't want to fight a war, but we will firmly respond to the moves that aim to split our country.

The US and Taiwan island are increasingly colluding. The American Institute in Taiwan on Thursday posted a photo showing a US Air Force tanker refueling a fighter jet of the island. This was pure provocation. Public opinion on the mainland is getting fed up with the collusion between the island and Washington. More and more people don't believe peaceful reunification could be an option, with reunification by force more widely discussed.

The Tsai authorities say they hope for peace, but are actually pushing the Taiwan Straits toward war. They take for granted that they can disintegrate the mainland's will with salami-slicing style tactics and eventually force the mainland to accept the island's secession and legitimate role on the world stage.

DPP authorities in recent years have been overly arrogant. They don't believe the mainland would dare to resort to military means. We think Beijing should consider taking tough measures to send Tsai authorities a strong warning over the Taiwan question. 

We suggest Beijing officially declare the "airspace" over the Taiwan island as a patrol area of the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The PLA's reconnaissance aircraft and fighter jets will perform missions over Taiwan island. These military aircraft could declare sovereignty, and could check whether there are US military planes landing at Taiwan's airports or US warships docking at the island's ports. If the island's military dares to fire the first shot at the PLA's aircraft, it will mean provocation of a war, and the PLA should immediately destroy Taiwan's military forces and achieve reunification through military means. 

Washington has taken Taiwan island as a prominent pawn in its strategic suppression of Beijing, and Tsai authorities are eager to be part of the US' China strategy. This has had a long-term negative impact on the cross-Straits situation. Beijing must destroy the US pawn. The DPP has rejected the 1992 consensus, mistakenly believing they could safely realize "Taiwan secession" by relying on the US. If they are not taught a lesson, they won't change.

PLA fighter jets patrol above Taiwan, and the risks not only go to the Chinese mainland, but also the Taiwan military, Taiwan authorities and the US. It is a contest of will and strength. The mainland should look for an appropriate opportunity to announce this decision, and the PLA fighter jets make their debut above Taiwan island. The opportunity may be when US planes land in Taiwan or high-level US officials visit Taiwan. At that time, it is more reasonable if the mainland sends warplanes to claim sovereignty, and the mainland will win more understanding from international opinion.

DPP authorities are just a mere clod. As we crack down on the DPP's arrogance, we can then regulate the behavior of Taiwan authorities. Peaceful reunification must be pushed forward, with military punishment as a restraint rather than using beautiful visions to entice. Unfortunately, the reality in the Taiwan Straits has once again proven this.