Mainland’s military preparedness forces Tsai to soften tone on cross-Straits ties
Published: Oct 10, 2020 02:39 PM

Photo:China Military

Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen's "National Day address" this morning showed her softest tone on cross-Straits ties in recent years. She said, "At this stage, the most pressing cross-Straits issue is to discuss how we can live in peace and coexist based on mutual respect, goodwill and understanding. As long as the Beijing authorities are willing to resolve antagonisms and improve cross-Straits relations, while parity and dignity are maintained, we are willing to work together to facilitate meaningful dialogue." Such a statement is obviously less arrogant than her past remarks. 

The reason for the change is simple. The Chinese mainland has been seriously preparing itself for possible military struggles. This makes Tsai authorities, which had been presumptuously provoking the mainland, feel they may literally be punished by a war. I definitely do not believe Tsai and the Democratic Progressive Party will repent and do good. The Chinese mainland must maintain strong military pressure, which can be triggered at any time, over the island of Taiwan, to ensure that certain forces on the island restrain themselves. We must hold no illusions. Only firm preparation for a military struggle is the basis for maintaining peace across the Straits. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn