Dead end for DPP to tie itself to US for secession: Global Times editorial
Published: Oct 26, 2020 10:16 PM

Taiwan Photo: Unsplash

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Monday announced sanctions on Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense, Raytheon, and individuals and entities involved in arms sales to the island of Taiwan. 

Since July 2019, China has taken countermeasures against US arms sales to the island. This is a declaration of China's attitude. The effect of sanctions will gradually strengthen along with the times. 

The relationship between Taiwan and the US has rapidly developed in recent years. This is different from the earlier years when the two sides maintained a relationship. Now, the DPP authorities are trying their utmost to promote so-called de-sinicization, and Washington is planning to further use Taiwan to jeopardize the rise of the mainland. The two sides have greater motivation to strengthen their collusion. Thus, they are madly adopting "salami tactics" against the mainland.

But Taiwan and the US are acting against the change of strength across the Taiwan Straits. The mainland's economic and military strength has developed rapidly and its ability to control the cross-Straits situation has become stronger. The US has supported the DPP authorities' secessionist activities. So how can the mainland not stop such a situation? The mainland will take decisive counterattacks. In fact, the mainland's comprehensive counterattack has been launched on a large scale and is rapidly producing results.

The mainland has been implementing the strategy of peaceful reunification since the 1980s, but has never given up the use of force to solve the Taiwan question. Military means are the mainland's trump card for restraining Taiwan secessionists. Recently, the mainland conducted military exercises in the Taiwan Straits, and its military aircraft have reached near the island of Taiwan, sending a clear signal to the DPP authorities that they must rein in at the brink. Mainland public opinion is widely expressing expectations for the PLA fighter jets to fly over Taiwan. It is obvious that the PLA is making full preparations to exercise sovereignty over Taiwan.

This is beyond the DPP authorities' expectations. They have been too arrogant. They took for granted that the Chinese mainland would only make oral threats instead of taking real action against their attempts to seek secession. Now they know how serious the situation is, while foreseeing the incoming punishment from the mainland. Media on the island believe that the two sides of the Taiwan Straits are reaching a "quasi war."

Sustained by the 1992 Consensus, the cross-Straits situation managed to keep peace and stable for quite a period in the past. After Tsai Ing-wen took office, she abandoned the consensus and deceived the people on the island of Taiwan and the international community, hyping her so-called "maintaining the status quo." Without the 1992 Consensus, there will be no "status quo." The DPP authorities' seeking of "secession" is crystal clear. They have tied themselves to the US ruling elites' anti-China chariot without hesitation. 

Peaceful reunification has rich essence and tactic options, one of which is suppressing with resolute military action the Taiwan authorities' plot to seek "Taiwan independence". The fighter jets of the PLA must fly over the island of Taiwan to declare national sovereignty and show the determination to exercise the Anti-Secession Law. We need an opportunity to implement this action. We believe these could constitute the reasons for PLA fighter jets flying over Taiwan, including US senior officials visiting Taiwan, or sufficient evidence showing US warplanes fly over Taiwan, or the US and Taiwan engaging in open military exchanges and cooperation. This is the firm step the Chinese mainland needs to walk in a bid to lock down "Taiwan independence" tendencies.

The mainland should clearly warn the DPP authorities that if the Taiwan military dares to open fire at mainland warplanes flying over Taiwan, it means war and the PLA will deal a crushing blow to the Taiwan military. The message that PLA fighter jets flying over Taiwan sends is clear. That will be a fundamental blow to "Taiwan independence" forces and will show the world Taiwan's true political status.

We should not indulge the US in selling weapons to Taiwan. Taiwan authorities are a breakthrough point. They should pay the price for buying US weapons, particularly offensive weapons. The PLA should warn them that it will destroy those newly purchased weapons. 

Taiwan is an isolated island besieged by the mainland. Returning to 1992 Consensus and maintaining peace in the Taiwan Straits jointly with the mainland is the only option for Taiwan authorities, while seeking US support for "Taiwan secession" is a dead end. This is determined by the strength of the mainland and the will of 1.4 billion Chinese people. There is no way for Taiwan authorities to act against the tide. We should make this reality clear to the Taiwan authorities with the language they understand.