See how Chinese dissidents suck their homeland’s blood like parasites
Published: Nov 21, 2020 08:31 PM

File Photo of Yu Maochun

As long as China develops, every Chinese can enjoy the benefits, including those who try to sabotage the country through political confrontation both at home and abroad. 

There are always people in China who are radically against its system, some of them even violate criminal laws and are therefore sanctioned. In recent years, such people have gained increasing attention from the US and the West, and some have become “celebrities” in Western society. Among various humanities awards issued by the West, the proportion of Chinese dissidents has significantly risen. If it were not for China’s strength, how could US’ and other Western forces possibly pay such attention to and provide shelter, even prizes, to them? Their aim is to harass China’s development and encourage more dissatisfied people to join those dissidents. 

Those who have fled abroad and engaged in activities against Chinese system tend to very much hope to get financial support. Since they have no other skills, they need to turn their confrontational activities into a way to make a living. If China is not strong enough, forces in certain countries would hardly be that attentive to anti-China affairs, and it is impossible for these dissidents to get enough financial assistance. 

Take Yu Maochun, known as Miles Yu in the US, as an example. He went to study in the US in the 1980s and later taught at the US Naval Academy. He had a career but was merely an ordinary person. In 2018, he became a member of the US State Department and a vital adviser of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He then contributed quite a few bad ideas for China policies of US President Donald Trump’s administration, with power and popularity in the administration. A fundamental reason is China is getting stronger. The opportunity, which used to be rare for Chinese Americans, landed on Yu just because US policymaking circles need vicious traitors for advice. 

Yu has become an American citizen, but he has gained more benefits than other common Chinese people from China’s development. Those who are undermining China’s development, being hostile to the country, are in many fields taking a share of China’s rise in a particular way, like parasites who hurt their hosts but are hard to be killed. 

Unfortunately, too many people want to be parasites. They are also fiercely competing against one another, and would be marginalized and trapped in financial straits as long as they are running out of “good” methods. So they need China to be stronger and they need the confrontation between China and the West to be fiercer. I cannot think of ways to teach those people a lesson, but I want to let people be well aware of how those parasites sneakily suck the blood of their homeland, or their previous homeland, with the help of external forces. 

The author is editor-in-chief of the Global Times. opinion@globaltimes.com.cn